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Note: After 35 years, we are closing our Store! Prices have been drastically reduced on almost every item, and many are being offered for free with only a bit of help with the cost of shipping


Buying books has always been a weakness, so they tend to pile up around here. From time to time, I go through the collection and pull a few to make a bit of space on the shelves.

These books range from brand new to gently used, and they need a good home. Discounts go to 70% off the original price, and shipping is included on US orders. (International visitors, please click here for information about additional discounts and shipping charges.)

Items are grouped by topic or genre. They are listed in no particular order and may appear in more than one category.

Teaching, instruction, content, and general education topics
Parenting and parent-related topics
School climate, bullying, and related issues
Discipline and classroom management
Gifted, special needs, and learning-related topics (currently sold out)
Psychology, recovery, and relationships
Inspiration and self-care
Health, wellness, diet, and food (currently sold out)
Gift Books (currently sold out)
Business, leadership, mentorship, and marketing
Cultural issues and New Age resources
Literature, fiction, poetry, and biographies
Computer related, graphics, and Web design

Books by Dr. Jane Bluestein in not-quite-perfect condition

There is only one copy of each item listed. Items will be deleted from the listing when they are sold. All books are shipped via Media Mail. For express mail, please contact this office via email or phone (505-250-3965) to arrange payment for expedited service.

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A note about the images: We regret that we are unable to provide copies of the covers of these books on this site. A generic image was selected as the eStore listing requires one. If you want to see what the book looks like, please email our office for more information.


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