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Topics relating to generic parenting topics such as parenting styles, attitudes, and behaviors, as well as resources on specific parenting issues such as skills development, increasing positivity, building financial literacy, and divorce.

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Articles, handouts, and blogs

4 Tips for Raising Fiscally Sound Children
9 Ways to be More Proactive
9 Ways to Encourage Your Children’s Individuality
The 7 Worst Things You Can Say to Your Kids During a Divorce
Alternatives to Advice Giving
: Questions to guide problem solving
The Challenge of Setting Boundaries
Characteristics of a Good Boundary
Dangers of Obedience and People Pleasing
Dream Big: Encouraging Your Children’s Fantasies—and their Future
Getting through the “Gimme” Season (Tips for Joyful Giving and Staying Sane)
Good Parenting or Effective Parenting?
Magic Sentences for Effective Communication
Motivating Cooperative Behavior
My Personal Learning Preferences: A brief self-assessment
Parenting Teens
Playing Well with Others: Not all it’s cracked up to be
Questions, Not Answers
Reasons to Not Ask “Why”
Reasons to Use Boundaries
Things to Remember when Setting Boundaries
Tips for Raising Financially Sound Children
Ways to Avoid Problems with Your Children over Money
Ways to be a More Conscious Parent
Ways to be an Effective Mentor
Ways to build Irresponsibility in Children
Ways to Model Respect with Your Children


Book: The Book of Article Reprints
Book: Creating Emotionally Safe Schools
Book: Listas Para Padres: Qué Hacer Y Qué No
Book: The Parent’s Little Book of Lists: Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Parenting
Book: Parents, Teens and Boundaries: How to Draw the Line

Audio: Parent Tapes (CDs or mp3 download)

Video: Win-Win Parenting

Articles: Individual article reprints for educators, counselors, parents, and general interest.

Stationery Item: Elementary Booster Shots reproducible black-line masters for elementary kids
Stationery Item: Secondary Booster Shots reproducible black-line masters for secondary kids
Stationery Item: “Pads” on the Back

Free download: “Pads” on the Back Templates in multiple languages


“Bully” is a Four-Letter Word with Jo Ann Freiberg
The Choice is Yours with Lynn Collins
Compassionate Schools with James Wright
“Constructive Differencing” with Jared Scherz
Creating an Environment of Resiliency in School with David Friedli
Is Control the Goal? with Tammy Cox
No Kidding About Bullying with Naomi Drew
Real-World Job Readiness with Carol Smith
Teaching Money Management to Children with Judy Lawrence


Bearing Witness: Support for Kids in Crisis
Character Counts: Building Relationships that Build Character
Grownups, Kids, and Boundaries: How to Draw the Line
“My Brain Doesn’t Work Like That”: Creating Success with Non-Traditional Learners by Accommodating Learning Differences
“No Really, I’m Fine!” Connecting with Kids in Emotional Distress
Parents, Teens and Boundaries: How to Draw the Line
Positively Positive at Home: Keeping the Focus You Want
Pushing Prevention: Preventing Substance Abuse and Other Addictive and Destructive Behaviors
Secrets of Successful Mentorship: Practical Ideas for Great Leaders
“You Can’t Make Me!” Using Boundaries Build Responsibility, Cooperation, and Mutual Respect

Please Note: Some resource include material originally developed for educators with content that is equally applicable for parents and caregivers.

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