Links to Resources for Parents and Other Caregivers

The content on this site for parents, grandparents, step-parents, and other caregivers and childcare workers has been sorted into one of the following categories. Each page includes links to articles, handouts, and blogs, as well as products, podcasts, presentations, and links:

Kids’ Behavior

Resources on discipline, motivation, win-win authority relationships and power dynamics, building responsibility, recognition and reinforcement, rules and boundaries, follow-through, and intervening negative behavior.

Culture and Safety

Resources on promoting social and emotional growth, cultural and social influences,  health and safety issues, bullying and friendship, and building independence and problem solving skills.


Resources on generic parenting topics such as parenting styles, attitudes, and behaviors, as well as resources on specific parenting issues such as skills development, increasing positivity, building financial literacy, and divorce.

How Kids Learn

Resources on your children’s learning styles, movement and learning, the body-brain connection, special needs, non-traditional learners, relationships with your children’s teachers, homework, and other school-related issues.

Self-Care and Inspiration

Resources on gratitude and optimism, overcoming obstacles, positive relationships, teacher appreciation, and taking care of yourself.

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