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Dr. Bluestein's scheduleIn early 2019, my newsletter proclaimed that I was “Randomly Retired; Selectively Speaking.” Although my schedule is deliberately—and significantly—scaled down, I am still committing to presenting when I can. Contact my office or call or text 505-250-3965 for additional details.

NOTE: Since the onset of the pandemic, I have participated in a number of interviews, classes, and panels. I have not included those dates as none impacted my schedule. 


December 3-10, Pompano Beach, FL
Will be gone on family business.

November 8, Buffalo, NY
Opportunities Collaborative, full-day training for educators and other professionals, all grade levels.

Sept. 25-Oct. 13, York, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ
Will be gone for two high school reunions (for two different districts), school visits, work-related consultations, and personal business.

August 15-16, Charles Town, WV
Jefferson County Schools, training seminars for high schools and middle school.

May 3, Moncton, NB 
New Brunswick Teachers’ Association Combined Council Conference, keynote and followup.

March 19 – April 16, Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland
Edinburgh Yarn Festival and vacation.


September 8-15, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Will be gone on family business.

August 23 – 24, Cherry Hill, NJ 
Meeting to record material for video course, Teacher Coach Personal Growth and Professional Development programs. 

August 21, Mt. Joy, PA 
Janus School, presentation for teachers, evening program for parents.

July 23 – 27, Bogotá, Columbia 
Oxford Education LIT, International Educators Summit, keynote and follow up presentations for teachers, coordinators, principals, university personnel, and school owners.

June 20-26, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Will be gone on family business.

May 10 – June 6, Rome/Sicily

April 25, Las Vegas, NV
16th National Conference on Adolescents and Young Adults, US Journal Training, Inc., keynote, 2 follow-up sessions.

March 7, Savannah, GA
National Youth at Risk Conference, keynote.

February 26, Cleveland, OH
St. Ignatius High School, keynote, follow-up sessions.


November 4, Lake of the Ozarks, MO
Missouri School Counselors’ Association (MSCA), Annual Fall Conference Saturday Institute. 

September 27, Denver, CO
Summit for Clinical Excellence, keynote. Advancement of Behavioral Healthcare, Conference on Adolescents and Emerging Adults (Gen X and Millennials: Identity, Image, & Addiction Therapies)

August 22-23, Enumclaw, WA
Keynote and follow-up sessions, Annual Boundless Learning Institute, Enumclaw School District.  

July 10, Denver, CO 
American School Counselor Association, conference presenter on topic of perfectionism.

April 16-May 9, Barcelona and Southwest France

March 17, Union Springs, NY
Union Springs Central School District, full-day training.

March 9, Edmonton, AB
Central East Alberta Teachers’ Convention, keynote with one follow up session.


October 31-November 1, Harrisburg, PA
Safe Schools Conference, keynote with two follow-up sessions.

August 2-3, Harrisburg, PA
PA Department of Education/Center for Safe Schools, Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth Conference, keynote and session speaker.

July 21-23, Williamsburg, VA
Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted Conference, presentation on perfectionism.

July 19, Columbia, SC
Richland County School District 1, keynote and session speaker. 

July 9, New Orleans, LA
American School Counselors Association presentation.

March 17, Albuquerque, NM
Federal Executive Boards Diversity Council, conversations on perfectionism.

March 11, Buffalo, NY
West Buffalo Charter School, full-day training (Part II).

February 6, Mira Mesa, CA
Book signing, Barnes & Noble.

January 21-23, Carlsbad, CA
Corwin Publishing author consultant retreat.

January 16, Poway, CA
San Diego Montessori Administrators’ Council, half-day training (follow-up).


November 8, York, PA
York Jewish Community Center, featured speaker, Jewish Book and Author Month event.

November 6, Columbia, SC
Richland County School District 1, full-day staff development trainings. (Rescheduled for July 2016.)

October 23-30, Singapore
Open sessions and onsite trainings for educators and school personnel, sponsored by Principals Academy Inc. of Singapore. 

October 9, Buffalo, NY
West Buffalo Charter School, full-day training (Part I).

August 31, Medina, WA
St. Thomas School, full-day training for all staff.

August 20-22, Alexandria, VA
ASCD Author Retreat

August 1-August 15, Iceland, and Norway
Insight cruises Bright Horizons 26 (Scientific American). Map, itinerary, more information. August 16 is a travel day.

July 27-July 31, London
Travel, vacation.

June 23, Indianapolis, IN
Keynote, State Conference for Post-Secondary Counselors, sponsored by Indiana Youth Institute.

June 16, Albuquerque, NM
All Faiths, training for therapists and core service workers.

June 11, St. Louis, MO
Keynote, Restorative Discipline Summer Institute: Repairing Harm, Restoring Hope. Archdiocese of St. Louis.

April 23-24, Simpsonville, SC
Seminars for educators and parents, Five Oaks Academy (private school)

March 4, Savannah, GA
Keynote, National Youth-At-Risk Conference sponsored by Georgia Southern University.

February 25, Columbia, SC
Seminars for educators and parents, Richland District 1

February 24, Columbia, SC
Seminars for educators and parents, Montessori School of Columbia (private school)

February 23, Charleston, SC
Seminars for educators and parents, Charleston Montessori (Charter School )

February 20-21, Litchfield Beach, SC
Keynote, Montessori Educational Programs International, Hands for Peace 20th Anniversary Celebration Conference.

January 7-10, Westlake Village, CA
Author consultant retreat, Corwin Publishing, Jan. 8-10, near Thousand Oaks. (We will be on the west coast for the following week or so with a fairly open schedule.)


October 8-14, York, PA (and area)
I will be in central PA for a high school reunion.

October 1-2, Savannah, GA
Savannah Chatham County Public School System. Follow-up training for behavior specialists and other staff; school visits, coaching and feedback.

August 25, Brewster, NY
Green Chimneys School, full-day professional development seminar.

July 31, Savannah, GA
Savannah Chatham County Public School System. Professional development program for coaches with support for classroom teachers in curriculum and classroom management.

July 30, Savannah, GA
Savannah Chatham County Public School System. Presentation for behavior specialists and other staff.

July 29, Savannah, GA
Savannah Chatham County Public School System. Presentation for new and beginning teachers.

July 29, Savannah, GA
Savannah Chatham County Public School System. Convocation keynote  for school administrators.

July 24, Frankfort, KY
Kentucky Educational Collaboration for State Agency Children. Conference closing keynote, book signing.

June 25-27, Rockville, MD
Montgomery County Public Schools, three-day training for non-public school personnel on Creating Emotionally Safe Schools.

May 7, Jeffersonville, IN
New Hope Services, full-day training for family support personnel on Creating Win-Win Families.

April 5-12, Havana, Cuba
Art and Culture “People-to-People” Tour of Cuba sponsored by the Latin American and Iberian Institute, University of New Mexico.

April 3, Deerfield Beach, FL
Meeting with various personnel at Health Communications, Inc. regarding contract for new book on perfectionism.

Feb. 20, 2014: Medicine Hat, AB
South Western Alberta Teachers Convention Association, Keynote.

Jan. 25, 2014: Poway, CA
San Diego Montessori Administration Council, half-day training, “You Can’t Make Me!” open enrollment.


Oct. 2, 2013: Bradenton, FL
Center Montessori School. Presentations to middle school children, full staff, and an evening program for parents on the topic of bullying and prevention.

Sept. 17- Oct. 8, 2013
Family commitments and travel; please call for availability through Oct. 13 (or after Oct. 16)

Sept. 9, 2013: Farmington Hills, MI
St. Fabian Catholic School, teacher inservice, parent training

Aug. 27, 2013: Westbrook, CT
Westbrook Public Schools, opening day, full-staff

Aug. 22-23, 2013: Langdon, NH
Fall Mountain Regional School District, evening parent training, afternoon keynote for teachers

Aug. 22, 2013: Westbrook, CT
Westbrook Public Schools, meeting with beginning teachers

Aug. 3, 2013: Northridge, CA
California State University at Northridge, presentation for beginning teachers

July 28-Aug. 1: Massanutten, VA
Meeting with co-author on development of the perfectionism book.

June 19-30, 2013: Singapore
Principals Association, Inc. seminars for teachers (including two days with specific schools and two days’ open enrollment). Contact Joseph Loy, +65 6363 0330, or contact me for more information.

Apr. 27, 2013: Memphis, TN
Memphis City Schools, full-day training on discipline and classroom management.

Apr. 12-13, 2013: Oakland, CA
California Industrial and Technology Education Association

Apr. 10, 2013: Indianapolis, IN
Institute for Strengthening Families

Feb. 28, 2013: Edmonton, AB
Keynote, Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention Association

Feb. 7, 2013: Edmonton, AB
Keynote, North Central Alberta Teachers’ Convention Association

Jan. 8-10, 2013: Hartford, CT
Presentation, training, and coaching, Naylor/CCSU Leadership Academy

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