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Dr. Jane Bluestein is a dynamic and entertaining speaker and talk show guest. Whether you’re looking for a conference keynote, staff development seminar, or parent training, you’ll find everything you need right here to make your job easier. All bookings for speaking events and media interviews are done (or referred*) through this office. Click here to send an email or call 505-250-3965.

Who is Dr. Jane Bluestein?

Click here for Dr. Jane Bluestein’s bio for print and promotional materials. (See below for a separate introduction with wording more appropriate for presenting Dr. Bluestein before she speaks to your group.)

Click here for Dr. Bluestein’s Press Kit: a PDF including Jane’s Resume, Speaking Resume, and Media Resume

Click here for a script for introducing Dr. Bluestein to your audience

Click here for more about Dr. Bluestein’s background (highlights and milestones)

Click here to view the promotional video

Where has Dr. Bluestein Been?

Click here for your state, province, or country to see a list of Dr. Bluestein’s speaking and media events. Also national events, parenting programs, and international events by country.

Click here for a sampling of Dr. Bluestein’s audiences

Click here for Dr. Bluestein’s schedule to see when and where she is already booked, and which dates are still free.

What does Jane Have to Offer You?

Click here for a list and description of Dr. Bluestein’s speaking and mentoring services

Click here for Dr. Bluestein’s presentation and interview topics

Click here for testimonials: What people are saying about Jane Bluestein

Click here for resources: Books, Audio, Video and other resources by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Click here to view the video introducing Dr. Jane Bluestein

Click here for a list of podcasts (listed by topic) featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein

Press Materials

Click here for Dr. Bluestein’s Press Kit: a PDF including Jane’s Resume, Speaking Resume, and Media Resume

Click here for a list of topics and related questions for media interviews.

Click here for a copy of Dr. Bluestein’s media policy (resources and guidelines for media interviews)

Click here to download or request a photo for your event promotion or article.

Click here for additional contact information.

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