Resources for Everybody

Links to resources we ALL can use!

This is where you’ll find the good stuff that isn’t specifically oriented to educators or parents. Although some of the resources may include material originally written for these audiences, the content of the links in this section have relevance and appeal to us all.

Health and Wellness

Resources on managing stress and health, self-care, feeling good, happiness, self-worth, perfectionism and authenticity, healing old hurts, and physical aspects such as the need for movement, and the impact of water on the body. 


Resources on effective communication, acknowledgement, appreciation, support and encouragement, personality types, supportiveness, healthy friendships, setting and maintaining boundaries, and taking care of yourself in relationships with others.

Inspiration and Positivity

Resources on gratitude, optimism, staying in present time, kindness, staying hopeful and positive, looking for the good stuff, noticing the beauty around you, and finding silver linings during difficult times.

Professional and Personal Development

Resources on growing your career, organizational dysfunction, learning preferences, dealing with difficult colleagues, effective mentorship, meaningful feedback, and avoiding burnout.

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