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Articles, handouts, and blogs

Assuming Your Professional Teaching Identity
Basic Brain Gym Exercises
The Beauty of Losing Control: An effective way to be in charge
Bloom’s Taxonomy Applied
Bouncing Back: The art of resiliency
Brave New World: The changing role of schools in society
Building Decision-Making Skills
Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolution
Creating a Safe Emotional Environment for Kids (and Others)
Dealing Successfully with Your Students’ Parents
Dealing with Difficult Colleagues
Dream Big! Encouraging your children’s fantasies
Educators at Risk
Finding a Safe Adult: Advice for Kids (and the adults who care about them)
Getting Away with Success
Great Expectations: Good news for beginning teachers
The “Ideal” Student: The students we were taught to teach
Increasing Success for ALL Students
Making a Mistake in Front of Your Class
My Parents Don’t Trust Me!
My Personal Learning Preferences: A brief self-assessment
Positive Consequences
Myers-Briggs Personality Types
Myers-Briggs Scales and Categories
Parents as Allies
Playing Well with Others: Not all it’s cracked up to be
Questions, Not Answers
Recharging our Professional Batteries: 3 ways to keep the love alive
Report Card for My Teacher
Respect, Reflection, and Resources: Tips to improve teacher efficiency
Rules and Beliefs of Unhealthy Systems
The Saber-Tooth Curriculum Revisited: A Brief Walk in Time
So You Want to be a Speaker: Tips for Aspiring Trainers, Presenters, and Workshop Leaders
So You Want to Write a Book? Tips for would-be writers (and speakers)
Starting Off on a New School Year
Stress and the Brain: The impact of stress on learning and behavior
Stressful or Painful School Experiences: Events that can compromise emotional safety and learning
Survey: Is Your School an Emotionally Safe Place?
Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: The importance of meaningful feedback
Teacher Self-Assessment
Test Time: Bringing balance and sanity to our schools
Testing, Testing…: The impact of high-stakes testing on school climate
Top 5 Tips for Connecting with Parents
Ways to be an Effective Mentor

Ways to Reach More Students: Accommodating a Variety of Learners
What I Learned When I Started Teaching
What’s a Purchase Order: Confessions of an Accidental CEO
Wish List for Beginning Teachers: What new teachers really want 
Why I Teach

Why Teachers Quit: 6-part excerpt starts here
Win-Win Ideas for Administrators
Wish List for Beginning Teachers: What they really want most

Special Resources for Beginning Teachers

Assuming Your Professional Teaching Identity
Great Expectations
: Good news for beginning teachers
What I Learned When I Started Teaching: And why I write books for beginning educators
Wish List for Beginning Teachers: What they really want most

Podcast: On the Right Foot: Support for beginning teachers, with J. Victor McGuire
Podcast: The Fragile Learner with Dr. Hanoch McCarty


Book: The Beginning Teacher’s Survival Guide: Win-Win Strategies for Success
Book: Managing 21st Century Classrooms
Book: The Book of Article Reprints
Book: Classroom Management
Book: The Complete Book of Handouts
Book: Creating Emotionally Safe Schools
Book: Mentors, Masters and Mrs. MacGregor: Stories of Teachers Making a Difference
Book: Rx: Handwriting: An Individualize, Prescriptive Handwriting Program
Book: The Win-Win Classroom
Book: The Win-Win Classroom Facilitator’s Guide

Audio: Practical Strategies for Working Successfully with Difficult Students

Articles: Individual article reprints for educators, counselors, parents, and general interest.

Free download: “Pads” on the Back Templates in multiple languages


The Adversity Connection: Building resilience and persistence, with Dan Deigan
Creating an Environment of Resiliency in School: Three ingredients for success, with David Friedli
The Fragile Learner: Reaching and teaching struggling students, with Hanoch McCarty
The Future and Art of Drug Education with Jeff Wolfsberg
Increasing Parent Involvement in Schools: Building supportive relationships with Lulu Lopez
Leading Learning: The art, science, and craft of teaching, with Glenn Capelli
Movement and Learning: A partnering relationship, with Aili Pogust
On the Right Foot: Support for beginning teachers, with J. Victor McGuire
Real-World Job Readiness: Helping kids prepare for the world of work, with Carol Smith
The Saber-Tooth Curriculum: Keeping up with the pace of change, with Richard Biffle
Why Teach Music? The importance and benefits of music education, with Julie Rombach-Kendall


Becoming a Win-Win Teacher: Success with Kids, Parents, and Colleagues
Being a Successful Teacher
: The “Nuts & Bolts” of Classroom Management
Character Counts: Building Relationships that Build Character
Climate and Connectedness: Keys to Successful Teaching
Creating Emotionally Safe Schools
: Is Your School an Emotionally Safe Place?
Dealing with Difficult Students: Practical Strategies for Success with Defiant, Defeated, and other At-Risk Kids 
Great Beginnings: Special Workshop for Beginning Teachers, Resturning Teachers, and Preservice Teachers
The ‘I-Can’ Classroom: Building for Success and Achievement for ALL Students
“My Brain Doesn’t Work Like That”
: Creating Success with Non-Traditional Learners by Accommodating Learning Differences
Pushing Prevention: Preventing Substance Abuse and Other Addictive and Destructive Behaviors
Secrets of Successful Mentorship: Practical Ideas for Great Leaders
So You Want to Write a Book? Sharing Your Passion, Ideas, and Voice with the World
Testing, Testing: Surviving the Pressure
The Win-Win Classroom: A Fresh and Positive Look at Classroom Management

Other topics for educators and school personnel.

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  1. Hi Janie Bluestein!
    I just ordered your prescriptive handwriting program for a friend who wants help for her third grader!! I hope you’re doing well. I enjoyed browsing through your website and reminiscing about the good old days during the intern program….you were always such an awesome mentor! Take care!

    1. I have such wonderful memories of that year, including how well your kids did working through this program! (I remember the one little boy grabbing my hand to take me over to the chart, excitedly telling me, “Look! I’m on Diagnosis 7!” It was so adorable.) Thanks so much for staying in touch, and for ordering this book. I sent a copy of the latest version via email. I hope it helps your friend!! xo

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