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Articles, handouts, and blogs

10 Myths about Autism
An Alternative to Advice Giving: Building problem-solving skills
The Animal School
Basic Brain Gym Exercises
Bloom’s Taxonomy Applied
Children at Risk: Common characteristics and family patterns
Conditions with ADHD “Look-Alike” Symptoms
Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolution
Fear, Stress, and Learning
Guidelines for Offering Choices to your Students
Guidelines for Reinforcing Positive Student Behavior 
The “Ideal” Student: The students we were taught to teach
I’m Hyperactive, You’re Hyperactive: Implications for a diagnosis
Increasing Success for ALL Students
Literacy: What’s Movement Got to Do with It?
Multiple Intelligences: Many ways to be “smart”
My Personal Learning Preferences: A brief self-assessment
Myers-Briggs Personality Types
Myers-Briggs Scales and Categories
Should Classrooms Ban Water Bottles?
Stress and the Brain: The impact of stress on learning and behavior
Stressful or Painful School Experiences: Events that can compromise emotional safety and learning
Students: Worth the Investment
Survey: Is Your School an Emotionally Safe Place?
Test Time: Bringing balance and sanity to our schools
Water and the Body: The benefits of water for learning, behavior, and health
Ways to Reach More Students: Accommodating a Variety of Learners
Working with Different Modality Strengths and Limitations: Characteristics and strategies
Your Personal Learning Preferences

Is Your Child’s Homework Worth Doing
Making Homework WORK: Building Flexibility into Your Homework Policy
Synthesis of Research Findings on Homework
Taking a Stand Against Homework
What About Homework?
Is Homework a Headache in Your House?
Homework Rating Scale


Book: The Beginning Teacher’s Survival Guide: Win-Win Strategies for Success
Book: Being a Successful Teacher
Book: The Complete Book of Handouts
Book: Creating Emotionally Safe Schools
Book: The Win-Win Classroom
Book: The Win-Win Classroom Facilitator’s Guide

Audio: Practical Strategies for Working Successfully with Difficult Students

Video: Emotional Safety and Learning Styles
Video: Responsibility and Classroom Discipline
Video: Responsibility, Respect, and Relationships

Articles: Individual article reprints for educators, counselors, parents, and general interest.

Free download: “Pads” on the Back Templates in multiple languages


Ending the Homework Wars with Susan Fitzell
The Fragile Learner with Hanoch McCarty
The Inclusive Teacher: Success with ADD and ADHD Students with Margit Crane
Leading Learning: The art, science, and craft of teaching with Glenn Capelli
Movement and Learning with Aili Pogust
Real-World Job Readiness: Helping kids prepare for the world of work, with Carol Smith
Technology and Special Needs with Don and Gracie Tillman
Theater and Autism Spectrum with Brian Haney
Why Teach Music? The importance and benefits of music education, with Julie Rombach-Kendall


Creating Emotionally Safe Schools: Is Your School an Emotionally Safe Place?
Dealing with Difficult Students: Practical Strategies for Success with Defiant, Defeated, and other At-Risk Kids
The ‘I-Can’ Classroom: Building for Success and Achievement for ALL Students 
“My Brain Doesn’t Work Like That”: Creating Success with Non-Traditional Learners by Accommodating Learning Differences
The Win-Win Classroom: A Fresh and Positive Look at Classroom Management

Other topics for educators and school personnel.

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