Book: The Beginning Teacher’s Survival Guide

Win-Win Strategies for Success by Dr. Jane Bluestein At the start or your career or at the end of your rope… Get your teaching career off to a winning start—or recharge your passion for your work! The new & revised 2021 edition of Dr. Jane Bluestein’s pivotal guide for your teaching career! A great gift for…

Ways to Help your Child Survive your Divorce

Beyond damage control… Here are some tips to reduce the stress and anxiety you children may experience during and after your divorce. • Maintain a civil relationship with your spouse* during the divorce and afterwards. Treat each other with tolerance and respect. • Don’t badmouth your spouse to your kids regardless of your feelings for him…

Checklist: Characteristics of Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

Evaluate your relationships Use this checklist to evaluate patterns in your current relationships with your students. If you have implemented a specific discipline or motivation approach, does it encourage relationships in which the following are true? (Click here for a description of each category.) Proactivity: ___ I focus on prevention–not reaction. ___ I attempt to…

Top 5 Tips for Connecting with Parents

Building great home-school relationships right from the start I once heard a school administrator remind her staff, “Parents don’t send their bad kids to school and keep the good ones home. They send us the best they’ve got.” Teachers don’t get to handpick our “clientele.” The mix of students will include kids with a variety of skills,…

Presentation: Survival Skills for Beginning Teachers

Success with Kids, Parents, and Colleagues Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein Oh, the challenges of becoming an educator in today’s fast-changing world! We’ll explore what keeps so many schools rooted in win-lose philosophies and practices, personal assets that will increase the odds of your survival and success, and specific strategies for winning in a win-lose system.

Product: Article Reprints

Articles by Dr. Jane Bluestein This is a complete listing of the article reprints available on this site. The articles are listed in alphabetical order and cover a wide range of topics, primarily for parents and educators, with some subjects

Video: Responsibility, Respect, and Relationships

Creating Emotionally Safe Schools Complete program on DVD featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein—50% off the original price. Get the Works! The complete staff development video package includes 15 self-contained, 30-minute inservice workshops featuring units that are engaging, entertaining, and geared toward action— not theory!

Video: Connecting with Students, Connecting with Parents

Two video presentation on one DVD featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein Dr. Bluestein joins Dr. William Glasser & Dr. Hanoch McCarty in an exploration of the importance of positive student-teacher relationships and how those relationships can impact achievement. The second video examines the important role parents can play in supporting teachers’ efforts to

Audio: TeacherTapes mp3 download

Being a Successful Teacher Two MP3 files of 90-minute presentation featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein A lively and very funny presentation recorded in front of 1200 teachers in a keynote presentation that addresses the magic ingredients of successful teaching, from instruction and management to relationships with students, parents, administrators, and colleagues. Tons of great ideas for minimizing conflict…

Book: Dr. Bluestein’s Book of Handouts

The Complete set of Handouts as an eBook in PDF form- fourth edition by Dr. Jane Bluestein More than 180 pages of tips, tricks, ideas, research-based information used by thousands of participants in Dr. Bluestein’s training programs and presentations.