Presentation: Being a Successful Teacher

The “Nuts & Bolts” of Classroom Management Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein What does it take to be a successful teacher? Whether developing effective discipline and instructional techniques or

Great Expectations!

Good News for Beginning Teachers No one knows better than a first year teacher that the beginning of the school year bristles with anticipation—and not just for the kids.

Book: Becoming a Win-Win Teacher

A Guide for First-Year Teachers by Dr. Jane Bluestein This title is no longer in our stock and has gone out of print. Copies may be available from the publisher or online retailers. This book is also in revision for a new release online. In the meantime, we will be providing links to available copies…

Book: The Win-Win Classroom Facilitator’s Guide

A facilitator’s guide to a fresh and positive approach to classroom management by Dr. Jane Bluestein Save 50% ! We are closing our Store and only have limited quantities of this book remaining.  An essential guidebook for anyone teaching college courses or leading training programs on classroom management. Help teachers establish win-win authority relationships with students and improve…

Book: The Win-Win Classroom

A Fresh and Positive Look at Classroom Management by Dr. Jane Bluestein For a limited time, this book shown will be sent directly from the publisher at this special price. $39.95. Hardcover book (red cover), will be sent from our office as long as stock lasts, $24.95. At the start of your career or at…