8 Ways to Live in Gratitude

Tips for making your life more rich and positive. • Enjoy the beauty, richness, love, and opportunities that already exist in your life. • Express appreciation to people who do or give nice things to you. (Even if you receive a gift you don’t particularly like, you can still acknowledge the positive qualities of the…

The Dignity Stance

Tips for responding to meanness or bullying by Naomi Drew Note from Jane Bluestein: Ms. Drew recommends teaching kids the following strategies. I think this information would also be valuable for adults in a similar situation.

Bullying Checklist for Kids

Check Your Behavior Take this self-test to find out if you’re doing anything that’s considered to be bullying. Do you do any of the following on a regular basis? –  Purposely try to make another person feel bad. –  Make fun of people to hurt or embarrass them. –  Engage in lots of name-calling. –…

“Bully” is a Four-Letter Word with Dr. Jo Ann Freiberg

Emphasizing the language of respect Episode Summary: Dr. Jane Bluestein talks with Dr. Jo Ann Freiberg about what Freiberg calls “bully-mania,” referring to the hyper-reactivity and vigilance that has emerged in the shadow of the Columbine murders. They discuss the implications and limitations

No Kidding About Bullying with Naomi Drew

A constructive approach to a serious subject Episode Summary: What bullying looks like and the impact it has on children. Dr. Jane Bluestein talks with Naomi Drew about bullying words and actions, which could include teasing, making fun of someone, name calling, giving someone dirty looks or rolling eyes, excluding someone, or any physical event meant to…

New Introduction to Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity

A Journal of Gratitude and Awareness by Dr. Jane Bluestein, Judy Lawrence, M.S.Ed. & SJ Sanchez, M.P.A. An Introduction to the Second Edition (excerpt): Before there was a book, there was an idea, and the original title for this idea was Magic, Miracles & Synchronicity. However, as we began to develop the content, our publisher targeted the chapter…

Book: Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity

A Journal of Gratitude and Awareness by Dr. Jane Bluestein, Judy Lawrence, M.S.Ed. & SJ Sanchez, M.P.A. Overstock! Save 40%! This life-affirming book will inspire you to reflect upon and document your feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the gifts of intuitive insights, “coincidences,” beauty, growth, accomplishment, help and support, and day-to-day miracles that occur in

Book: Mentors, Masters and Mrs. MacGregor

Stories of Teachers Making a Difference compiled by Dr. Jane Bluestein Save 45% while supplies last.  Remember that special teacher who touched your heart and mind, who inspired you, believed in you, or maybe just gave you a glimpse of what you might achieve and who you might become? This book honors teachers, as well…

The Adversity Connection with Dan Deigan

Building resiliency and persistence Episode Summary: Find the hidden gifts in obstacles and challenges. Dr. Jane Bluestein talks with Dan Deigan, founder of the Little Conversations Today Web site, to discuss the concepts of failure and success, offering practical suggestions