Increasing Parent Involvement in Schools with Dr. Lulu Lopez

Building supportive relationships Episode Summary: Getting parents involved! Dr. Jane Bluestein talks with Dr. Lulu Lopez, discussing strategies for increasing parent involvement in schools. This program examines

The Choice is Yours with Dr. Lynn Collins

Helping kids connect the dots Episode Summary: Practical, effective ways to help children of all ages connect the choices they make with the outcomes of those choices. This program explores

Movement and Learning with Dr. Aili Pogust

A Partnering Relationship Episode Summary: Vital information about the relationship between movement and literacy, and the importance of meeting the body’s needs for all learning. Dr. Aili Pogust addresses

The Fragile Learner with Dr. Hanoch McCarty

Reaching and teaching struggling students Episode Summary: What can we can do to increase the likelihood of success and engagement for students in the “bottom third of the class,” the ones most likely to drop out?