Video: Win-Win Parenting

Four video presentation on one DVD featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein Win-win authority dynamics applied to relationships between parents and children. Includes practical strategies and tips for avoiding conflict, engaging cooperative behavior, building responsibility, setting boundaries and following through, and supporting children’s emotional needs. Appropriate for parents, grandparents, foster parents, and

Audio: ParentTapes

Two audio CDs or mp3 audio files featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein These CDs are included in our Free Book listing. Cost helps cover our shipping charges via Media Mail in continental US. Choose plastic case or paper envelopes. (Please see information for international shipping if you are ordering from outside the U.S.) Hear Dr. Bluestein…

Book: Parents, Teens and Boundaries

How to Draw the Line by Dr. Jane Bluestein This book is currently in revision. We have no copies on hand and the publisher has pulled the book from circulation. Contact us for a progress update. The best-selling book that has helped thousands of parents get beyond surviving their kids’ teen years to a place where…

Book: Listas Para Padres

Qué Hacer y Qué No libro de Jane Bluestein We are down to our last TWO copies of this book. This book is included in our Free Book listing. Link for shipping charge only (continental US). Description below ordering links. (Please see information for international shipping if you are ordering from outside the U.S.)  Más de…

Book: The Parent’s Little Book of Lists

Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Parenting by Dr. Jane Bluestein This book is included in our Free Book listing. Charges below are for shipping ONLY (Media Mail, continental US). ONLY 3 COPIES LEFT. Description of the contents of this book follow links for shipping. Use your credit card or PayPal account to order free copies of…

Book: The Book of Article Reprints

A collection of articles for educators, counselors, and parents by Dr. Jane Bluestein This collection is available as a PDF eBook download. We no longer have the print version of this book in stock.  Here, finally, is a collection of more than three decades worth of articles by Dr. Jane Bluestein, including several several made…

Motivating Cooperative Behavior

Three Approaches to Authority Relationships Two Win-Lose approaches that can compromise the emotional safety of the environment:

Ways to Build IRRESPONSIBILITY in Children

Things you can do to reinforce children’s irresponsible behavior • Lie for them. • Make excuses for their behavior. Correct (or pay for) their mistakes for them. • Model a lack of responsibility, commitment, and follow-through yourself. • Refuse to believe that they are capable of doing what they’ve been accused of doing.

Parenting Teens

How to Draw the Line Counselors know that when parents set clear boundaries, they take care of their teens and themselves. 

The Challenge of Setting Boundaries

A Win-Win Alternative to an Authoritarian or Permissive Approach Few of us are especially adept at setting boundaries with anyone, and for good reason. Let’s back up a bit. When you were growing up, were you told that other people’s needs were more important than yours? Were you rewarded for self-sacrificing and people-pleasing? Were you…