Increasing Success for ALL Students

Strategies for changing or maintaining the students’ level of alertness and attentiveness There will be times when your students are starting to drift off or glaze over but you need their attention for a few more minutes before the bell rings. Or they come in all wound up and you need them to settle down…

Working with Different Modality Strengths and Limitations

Characteristics and strategies Individuals of all ages tend to learn better when presented with new information in a way that makes sense to their brain and nervous system. Here is some information to help learners of different abilities. Appreciating and accommodating these differences whenever possible can reduce a great deal of stress for everyone concerned— teachers,…

The “Ideal” Student

The students we were taught to teach Traditional classrooms tend to favor students with the following characteristics or strengths: Strong in linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences Academically on grade level (not too far ahead or behind) Learning Preferences: Prefers working in a quiet environment Best time of day: Early morning, afternoon Social: Prefers working quietly alone…

I’m Hyperactive, You’re Hyperactive

Implications for a diagnosis Excerpt from chapter 18, “Physical Safety: The Student Body,” in Creating Emotionally Safe Schools (by Jane Bluestein, Ph.D., Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications, Inc., 2001). The material shared here was taken from the manuscript from this book. The actual published version may be slightly different. Public schools have begun to issue…

The Inclusive Teacher with Margit Crane

Success with your ADD and ADHD students Episode Summary: Teachers encounter a wide range of student needs, experiences, abilities, personalities, and behaviors. Dr. Jane Bluestein talks with Margit Crane about ways to accommodate such diversity, assuring teachers that

Book: Dr. Bluestein’s Book of Handouts

The Complete set of Handouts as an eBook in PDF form by Dr. Jane Bluestein More than 130 pages of tips, tricks, ideas, research-based information used by thousands of participants in Dr. Bluestein’s training programs and presentations.

Audio: Working Successfully with Difficult Students

Practical strategies for working successfully with difficult students A Live Audio Seminar by Dr. Jane Bluestein Save 10% while supplies last. A recording of a full-day seminar presented by Dr. Jane Bluestein, who shares brain-friendly techniques for improving learning, achievement, and academic performance, even with students who have a history of failure, frustration, low self-control, bad…

Book: Classroom Management

One of the books in The Best of Corwin series. edited by Dr. Jane Bluestein Classroom management techniques that empower you and your students! Save 20% off regular price. This collection features excerpts from nine critically acclaimed Corwin publications by recognized experts, bringing a variety of classroom management techniques and

Raves for Creating Emotionally Safe Schools

What People Are Saying about this Book by Dr. Jane Bluestein Finally a voice of reason arises from the din. School safety transcends debates on metal detectors and surveillance cameras. Within the walls of our schools exists