Are We Still Guilty of Gender Stereotyping?

A self-assessment survey for teachers, childcare workers, and others Ted, a 32-year-old math teacher, meets up with Jack, a 38-year-old PE teacher and Joyce, a 28-year-old science teacher in the hall on the first day of school. As they were discussing the recent departure of Debbie, the former school librarian, Ted suddenly notices Joan, the…

Industrial Age vs. Information Age

Two very different classrooms On this page you will find a comparison between traditional classrooms established according to the demands of an industrial-age or factory economy, and win-win classrooms adapted to the needs the information age, particularly as these differences correspond to classroom values, priorities, motivators, authority relationships, desired (encouraged) student behaviors, and discipline goals….

Rules and Beliefs of Unhealthy Systems

Foundations of unhealthy adult-child group systems For much of my recent career, I have referred the following two lists (“Rules” and “Beliefs”) as the basis for the paradigm in which many of our current practices and polices exist. The information comes from Alice Miller’s work (cited below) and represents destructive, if common, ideas which cumulatively…

Brave New World

The Changing Role of the School This page presents the first section of Chapter 9, “Brave New World: The Changing Role of Schools,” from Creating Emotionally Safe Schools, © 2001, Health Communications, Inc., Deerfield Beach, FL. This excerpt was copied from the final draft of the manuscript. The material in the book may vary slightly. The world…

Book: High School’s Not Forever

The reality of the high school experience by Dr. Jane Bluestein and Eric Katz, M.S.A.C. This title is no longer in our stock and has gone out of print. Copies may be available from the publisher or online retailers. This book is also in revision for a new release online. In the meantime, we will…

Raves for Creating Emotionally Safe Schools

What People Are Saying about this Book by Dr. Jane Bluestein Finally a voice of reason arises from the din. School safety transcends debates on metal detectors and surveillance cameras. Within the walls of our schools exists

The Discipline Trap

Catching up to the 21st Century Note: The earliest version of this piece was written for a now-out-of-print book, 21st Century Discipline, back in the mid-1980s when the 21st century still felt a way off. The material was reworked slightly for The Win-Win Classroom, 

Understanding Schools in Context

How Well do Schools Reflect the Culture they Serve? Excerpt from Becoming a Win-Win Teacher (by Jane Bluestein, Ph.D., Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Publishing, 2010). Chapter title adapted for this site. The material shared here was taken from the manuscript from this book. The actual published chapter may be slightly different. All links were working…

Book: Creating Emotionally Safe Schools

A Guide for Parents & Educators by Dr. Jane Bluestein We are closing our Store and only have THREE (3) copies of this book left in stock. Charge helps cover cost of Media Mail shipping in continental US. Note: This book is still in print. Email us to have the book shipped directly from the publisher….