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Bias and Discrimination in School Excerpt from chapter 12, “More Welcome than Others: Discrimination and Belonging,” from Creating Emotionally Safe Schools (Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications, Inc., 2001). This excerpt was copied taken from the final draft of the manuscript. The material in the book may vary slightly. She was a Cardinal, one of the children of the…

Presentation: Climate and Connectedness

Keys to Successful Teaching Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein It takes more than a well-planned lesson for learning to happen. Even in schools with all the best equipment and the latest technology, the school climate and students’ sense of feeling connected to others in the building has been shown to be

Presentation: Becoming a Win-Win Teacher

Success with Kids, Parents, and Colleagues Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein Oh, the challenges of becoming an educator in today’s fast-changing world! We’ll explore what keeps so many schools rooted in win-lose philosophies and practices, personal assets that will increase the odds of your survival and success, and specific strategies for winning in a win-lose system.

Presentation: Character Counts

Building Relationships that Build Character Presentation for educators or parents by Dr. Jane Bluestein It’s one thing to expect or demand certain desirable character traits in kids—and another to create an environment in which these behaviors are likely to emerge!

Presentation: Conflict in the Classroom

Attacking Problems, Not People! Presentation for educators by Dr. Jane Bluestein Do you ever find yourself in the middle of squabbles between your students? Do peers try to draw you into their conflicts? Are aggressive parents or uncooperative colleagues a presence in your life? If so, the energy devoted to these conflicts is having an…

Compassionate Schools with James Wright

The importance of school connectivity Episode Summary: Middle school counselor James Wright talks with Dr. Jane Bluestein about the importance of connectedness and compassion in schools. They explore the impact of adverse childhood experiences on kids’ experiences in school, especially with regard to

Creating an Environment of Resiliency in School with David Friedli

Three ingredients for success Episode Summary: Dr. Jane Bluestein talks with principal David Friedli about resiliency from the standpoint of how a balanced approach of

“Bully” is a Four-Letter Word with Dr. Jo Ann Freiberg

Emphasizing the language of respect Episode Summary: Dr. Jane Bluestein talks with Dr. Jo Ann Freiberg about what Freiberg calls “bully-mania,” referring to the hyper-reactivity and vigilance that has emerged in the shadow of the Columbine murders. They discuss the implications and limitations

No Kidding About Bullying with Naomi Drew

A constructive approach to a serious subject Episode Summary: What bullying looks like and the impact it has on children. Dr. Jane Bluestein talks with Naomi Drew about bullying words and actions, which could include teasing, making fun of someone, name calling, giving someone dirty looks or rolling eyes, excluding someone, or any physical event meant to…

High School’s Not Forever: Sample Pages and Chapter Titles

Sample Pages from High School’s Not Forever by Dr. Jane Bluestein and Eric Katz, M.S.A.C. This book is included in our Free Book listing. Shipping charges will apply. OR order below at 70% off. This price includes free Media Mail shipping in the continental US. You can now preview a sample pages of High School’s…