Video: Win-Win Parenting

Four video presentation on one DVD featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein Win-win authority dynamics applied to relationships between parents and children. Includes practical strategies and tips for avoiding conflict, engaging cooperative behavior, building responsibility, setting boundaries and following through, and supporting children’s emotional needs. Appropriate for parents, grandparents, foster parents, and

Video: Responsibility, Respect, and Relationships

Creating Emotionally Safe Schools Complete program on DVD featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein—50% off the original price. Get the Works! The complete staff development video package includes 15 self-contained, 30-minute inservice workshops featuring units that are engaging, entertaining, and geared toward action— not theory!

Video: Responsibility and Classroom Discipline

Video presentations on 6 DVDs featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein Create win-win authority relationships! Explore practical and effective ways to teach students responsible behavior with boundaries instead of rules, and with positive outcomes rather than penalties. Discover how to construct and utilize win-win discipline strategies to encourage cooperation, responsibility and self-management, to resolve and prevent problems,…

Video: Emotional Safety and Learning Styles

Video presentations on 2 DVDs featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein How to deal with a wide range of learning differences! In these videos, Dr. Bluestein presents specific success-oriented techniques for creating an emotionally safe learning environment by encouraging growth, accommodating learner needs and preferences, and building cooperative goal structures. Individual student differences are shown as opportunities…

Video: Helping Students in Crisis

Video presentations on 2 DVDs featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein Deal with feelings and problems effectively! These videos present constructive, supportive ways to respond to students in crisis. Discover how to distinguish between feelings and behaviors, and to avoid non-supportive responses which can only add to the problem! Here are practical, effective ides for creating the…

Video: Connecting with Students, Connecting with Parents

Two video presentation on one DVD featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein Dr. Bluestein joins Dr. William Glasser & Dr. Hanoch McCarty in an exploration of the importance of positive student-teacher relationships and how those relationships can impact achievement. The second video examines the important role parents can play in supporting teachers’ efforts to

Video: Discipline and Achievement

Two video presentation on one DVDs featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein A humorous and thought-provoking presentation that examines how a teacher’s approach to discipline can affect learning. Includes coverage of the characteristics and use of effective boundaries to build cooperation and emotional safety and meet both teacher’s and students’ needs. Appropriate for

Video: Creating Emotionally Safe Schools

Video presentations on 3 DVDs featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein Emotional safety is not only about guns and violence. It is also about learning styles, social interactions, discipline and the roles schools assume in our society and economy. In these three videos, Dr. Bluestein presents ways in which teachers can create a caring and supportive environment…