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Update: June 2022

I’m not quite sure what to do with this page. The past 3 years did a number on an otherwise lively—and generally thriving—career. That was around the time I declared myself to be “randomly retired and selectively speaking.” For the time being, I will update the categories below, even as my work-life continues its transition and trajectory. 

This path will no doubt continue to narrow, but here is the status on the services I have been able to offer over the years.

Presentations and Speaking Services

The core of my work has always involved interacting with live audiences, whether presenting a conference keynote, full-day seminar, mid-year shot-in-the-arm workshop, or multi-day class. My last presentation was in November of 2019, and as the world shut down, contacts through classes, panels, and interviews switched to online video meetings, which were fun but in no way quite as fulfilling.

Living on the road, as I did for decades, is no longer an option, and while I am not actively seeking speaking work, neither have I entirely shut this door. I still feel as passionate about the work as I always have—so ask. I have left a number of my presentation topics online for now and expect to consolidate this list in the coming weeks.

Media and Online Interviews

Going through the content on this site has recharged me. Certain topics like classroom management, discipline and behavior management, instruction and differentiation, parenting issues, and classroom climate will always have my heart. I am available and willing to continue work in this area and on these and related topics.

Providing Content for Site Visitors

At present, my two active goals include maintaining this website (adding material from older sites and current publications) and getting some of my out-of-print books back into production. Please stop by from time to time to see additions, both to this site and to my product line.

OnSite (School) Visits

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with a number of school districts to observe, listen, and help identify possible solutions to specific problems and challenges, either school-wide or with individual teachers, or to provide information for reports and recommendations on policies and practices in the areas of my expertise. That said, I suspect it would likely take a fairly special situation for me to continue in this area. However, if this need arises, contact me.

Individual consultation and training

In the past year, I have been referring requests for hourly phone consultation for training, brainstorming, and problem solving for individual educators and parents to colleagues who are more actively engaged in these services. If you require special assistance or a referral, contact me.

Press kit with other speaking engagements and media appearances.

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