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The core of Dr. Bluestein’s work has been her training programs. Whether presenting a conference keynote, full-day seminar, mid-year shot-in-the-arm workshop, or multi-day class, Dr. Bluestein has a way of connecting with her audiences through her authenticity, humor, and story-telling, offering powerful, practical, and effective take-away strategies they can use at work and at home. All programs are customizable to meet specific school or district goals and needs. See related links below.

Site Visits

Dr. Bluestein has also worked with a number of school districts to observe, listen, and help identify possible solutions to specific problems and challenges, either school-wide or with individual teachers.

Individual or small group mentoring and coaching services are available. Site visits generally follow a full-day or half-day staff training to offer support and feedback to teachers or schools wanting to enhance or improve their approach to classroom management, discipline and behavior management, instruction and differentiation, and classroom climate.

Site visits can also be arranged for observations to provide information for reports and recommendations on policies and practices regarding these topics. All site visit requests are customized to the needs of the school or organization.

Individual consultation and training

Hourly phone consultation for training, brainstorming, and problem solving is also available for individual educators and parents. Call or text 505-250-3965 to or email our office for more information.

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