What Jane’s Been Up To: 2019 – 2021

November 19, 2021

A New Chapter Begins 

My last live speaking engagement was in November 2019, a little more than two years ago. Things were changing and for the first time in 35 years, I had nothing on my calendar for the following semester. 

Jobs in US school districts and schools had gotten scarce, and nearly all of my speaking engagements for the previous year or two were at conferences, private schools, or overseas.  

Closing the Store

Keeping track of what we had available and offering remaining inventory for the cost of shipping (unless you were local and stopped by to pick up what you wanted) has created an ongoing challenge for this website—just keeping track of what we still had and constantly updating prices and availability.

Although the “store” is officially closed, many of my products are still available, either in digital format, as a download, or through the publishers that have kept a few of my titles in print. I have updated the Products page and will continue to do so as the “reprint series” continues to grow. (These are books that have gone out of print and are gradually being revised and made available as paperback or ePubs on Amazon.)

Clearing, restructuring, and tying up loose ends

One major change in 2018 was a decision to dis-incorporate. I started out as a sole proprietorship in 1982 and incorporated ten years later. 2019 represents the 35th anniversary of Instructional Support Services (!) and as of the new year, we can replace “Inc.” with “LLC.” Onward! 

I’ve been going through home and office spaces, downsizing papers and possessions bit by bit for the past couple of years. Although this process kind of fizzled out while I was dealing with my mom’s situation, I still have two closets and the garage, which I’ve managed to successfully avoid dealing with until now.

This past fall, I did a 90-minute webinar for Lorman, an organization I had done some work for in the past, and I also recorded a dozen video exchanges with my friend, Dr. Jared Scherz, who offers them through his Teacher/Coach website in the Marketplace section of his Teacher/Coach website. For the most part, my work on these two projects is done. I will have more information on registering for these resources as I continue working on the site. And speaking of which…

One last go-round with this site

As our history page mentions, I launched a very basic website in 1997 and as the technological demands continued to evolve, created several other versions over the years. For the 2012 edition, I wanted a few features—specifically a search field and drop-down menus—that were beyond my coding skills, so I switched to WordPress and hired Tom Todd to help. 

A few weeks ago, Tom called to let me know that I needed to update my site so it would work better on mobile devices. *sigh* I was about to tell him to let’s just let it go when he assured me that once he restructured the home page, I wouldn’t have create each of my 550+ pages from scratch. (Again!) 

Although I’ve always been pretty involved in the design and coding, I just handed over the reins over to him to “make it work,” so for the most part, if you like this design and structure, you can thank him

What you are reading now is official the fifth iteration of this site. I will continue to add content as the mood hits, and in the meantime, there’s a ton of content here. I assume that this will be my last major go-round, though I will keep the site alive for as long as it works and as long as there is a need for the content people can find here.

© 2022, Dr. Jane Bluestein

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