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Earlier versions of this site had a separate post for each country and each Canadian province. In this latest update, I have condensed my international speaking and media experiences to one page. Select the country to go to directly to the listings for each location.

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Australia Speaking

Canberra: Ethnic Schools Association of ACT, Mawson Primary School. (99)
Canberra: Work Resources Center, guest speaker to class for aged-care health-care specialists. (99)
Canberra: Training in Health & Community Services, guest speaker to communications class for aged-care specialists. (99)
Canberra: National Association for Self-Esteem and Responsibility, Parent Training, ACROD House. (99)

Broadcast and Print Media

Canberra: ABC Radio, interview with Chris Uhlmann. (99)
Canberra: Prime Television, “Prime Local News,” interview with Catherine Garrett. (99)
CanberraThe Canberra Times, interview with Emma MacDonald. (99)

Canada Speaking 

Calgary, AB: Bureau of Education and Research. (01, 04, 06, 08, 09)
Calgary, AB,: Calgary City Teachers’ Association Convention, conference keynote. (09, 11)
Calgary, AB: Palliser Teachers’ Convention, Alberta Teachers Association, Keynote. (95)
Dryden, ON: Keewatin Patricia District School Board, teacher training; parent training. (05)
Edmonton, AB: Alberta Association of School Resource Officers, Safe School Conference, Keynote. (04)
Edmonton, AB: Bureau of Education and Research. (01, 04, 06, 08, 09)
Edmonton, AB: Central East Alberta Teachers’ Convention, keynote, follow up. (17)
Edmonton, AB: Grant MacEwan college Teacher Assistant Conference for Western Canada, Keynote. (96)
Edmonton, AB: North Central Teachers’ Association Convention, Keynote. (13)
Guelph, ON: Upper Grand District School Board Parent Involvement Committee; parent training. (09)
Iqaluit, NU
: Baffin Division Board of Education. (94)
Iqaluit, NU: Baffin Division Board of Education Parent Training. (94)
Kelowna, BC: Central Okanagan School Employee’s Union, Keynote. (97)
Kelowna, BC: 
Central Okanagan School Employee’s Union, Full-day training. (99)
London, ON: 
Bureau of Education and Research. (08)
Medicine Hat, AB,: South Eastern Alberta Teachers’ Convention Association, Keynote. (14)
Moncton: New Brunswick Teachers Association High School Council, keynote and follow up session for province-wide conference. (10)
Moncton: New Brunswick Teachers Association Combined Council Conference, keynote. (19)
Ottawa, ON: Bureau of Education and Research. (08)
Red Deer, AB: 
Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta, Keynote & Symposium Leader. (94)
Regina, SK
: Bureau of Education and Research. (01, 04, 06, 08, 09)
Sudbury, ON: Rainbow District School Board, full-day training. (05)
Toronto, ON: 
Bureau of Education and Research. (07, 08)
Toronto, ON: 
Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association. (11)
Toronto, ON: 
Education Quality & Accountability Office, province-wide conference for elementary educators, keynote. (09)
Toronto, ON: 
Education Quality & Accountability Office, province-wide conference for secondary educators, keynote. (10)
Toronto, ON: 
The EQAO Learning Seminars: Supporting the Everyday Work of Schools, closing keynote presentations. (11)
Toronto, ON: 
Elementary Teachers Fed of Ontario conference, keynote. (10)
Toronto, ON: 
Microsoft Connected Learning Conference, keynote. (18)
Toronto, ON: 
Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, conference keynote. (12)
Winnipeg, MB: Bureau of Education and Research. (01, 04, 06, 08, 09)
Winnipeg, MB: CREED Seminars, Province-wide Teacher Inservice. (02, 08)
Winnipeg, MB: Pembina Trails School Division. (05)
Vancouver, BC: Bureau of Education and Research. (01, 04, 06, 08, 09)

Broadcast and Print Media

Dryden, ON,: The Dryden Observer, interview with Warner G. Bloomfield, editor. (05)
Dryden, ON: 
CKDR Radio, interview with Mike Ebberling. (05)
Edmonton: CHED Radio, interview with Leslie Primo. (96)
Iqaluit, NU: 
CBC Radio, interview with Gail Whiteside. (94)
Kelowna, ONThe Daily Courier, interview with Chuck Poulsen. (97)
Knowlton, QC: CIDI, 99.1, “The Adversity Connection,” interview with Dan Deigan. (12)
London, ON: CFPL-AM Radio, “The Brian Nuttal Show.” (97)
Parkesville, BC: 
CKCI Radio, interview with Sherv Shragge. (96, 97)
Montreal, QC: CIQC Radio, “Lifestyles with Sylvia and Brian.” (97)
Montreal, QC: AM940, Corus Radio Network, “Parent Talk with Lianne & Andrea.” (07)
Sudbury, ON: Channel 10 News (TV), interview with Stewart Gagan. (05)
Sudbury, ON: 
MCTV-News, interview with Sacha Novack. (05)
Sudbury, ON: 
Sudbury News Now, interview with Janice Levschen. (05)
Windsor, ON: 
CKLW Radio, “The Cam and Lisa Show.” (94)
Winnipeg, MB: CJOB Radio, “CJOB Morning Show,” interview with Larry Updike. (08)

Colombia Speaking

Bogotá: Oxford Education LIT, International Educators Summit, keynote and follow up presentations for teachers, coordinators, principals, university personnel, and school owners, Bogotá, Colombia. (18)

England Speaking

Cambridge: First British Conference on Self-Esteem. (91)
Cambridge: International Conference on Self-Esteem. (95)
London: “Understanding and Improving Children’s Behaviour: To Impact Learning,” Centre for Child Mental Health, Conference Keynote. (05)
London: “Emotional Health & Ill Health in High Schools: The Pupil, the Teacher and the Culture as a Whole. What Can Be Done?” (05)

Broadcast and Print Media

LondonLondon Times, interview with Sara Lawrence. (04)

Finland Speaking

Helsinki: Helsinki Summer University, Teacher Training Institute. (02)

Germany Speaking

Landstuhl: Exceptional Family Services, Ramstein Child Care Center, Landstuhl, W. Germany. (89)

Print and Broadcast Media

Frankfurt: AFN-Radio Frankfort, “Gasthaus,” interview with Steven Smith. (88)
Frankfurt: AFN-TV, interview with Airman Sheila Johnson. (88)
Frankfurt: Stars & Stripes, intervierw with Wendy Bourland. (88)

Greece Speaking

Athens: International Association for Self-Esteem, Keynote. (98)


Broadcast and Print Media

TokyoGendai Educational Newspaper, interview with Takako Takahashi. (98, 99)

Malaysia Speaking

Jahor Bahru: Win-win training for parents, teachers, and counselors. Two-day program co-presented with Siti Hamidah Bahashwan. (09)

New Zealand Speaking

Taupo: Tauhara Center, Parent Training. (99)

Broadcast and Print Media

Auckland: Prime Television, “Prime Living,” interview with Alice Worsley. (99)

Singapore Speaking

Academy of Principals, open enrollment full-day seminars for teachers. (10, 13, 15)
Academy of Singapore Teachers, full-day training. (13, 15)
Association of Muslim Professionals, Training for Parents, Counselors and Parent Educators. (98)
Institute of Technical Education, full-day training for educators. (15)
International Confederation of Principals Conference, plenary keynote. (09)
Manjusri Secondary School, full-day staff training. (10)
North View Primary School, full-day training for primary teachers. (15)
Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School, full-day training. (13)
St. Anthony’s Canossian School cluster, full-day staff training. (10)
Woodgrove Primary School, half-day training on differentiated instruction. (15)

Slovenia Speaking

Ilirska Bistrica: Training institute for teachers, counselors and youth-care workers. (00)
Ilirska Bistrica: Parent Training institute. (00)
Koper: Parent Training institute. (96)
Kranj: Training institute for teachers, counselors and youth-care workers. (95, 96)
Kranj: France Preseren Elementary School, Parent training. (95)
Kranj: Krmelj Training institute for teachers, counselors and youth-care workers. (97)
Kranj: Parent Training institute. (97)
Ljubljana: Training institute for teachers, counselors and youth-care workers. (95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00)
Ljubljana: Parent Training Institute. (95, 96, 98)
Ljubljana: Zdruzenje Uciteljev in Starsev Vezi. (95)
Lukovica: Lukovica Training institute for teachers, counselors and youth-care workers. (95, 96)
Maribor: Training institute for teachers, counselors and youth-care workers. (01)
Novo Gorica: Training institute for teachers, counselors and youth-care workers. (01)
Prevalje: Training institute for teachers, counselors and youth-care workers. (95)
Radovlica: Training institute for teachers, counselors and youth-care workers. (97, 98, 99)
Rogaska: Training institute for teachers, counselors and youth-care workers. (98)
Rogaska: Parent Training institute. (98)
Slovene Gradec: Training institute for teachers, counselors and youth-care workers. (01)
Vransko: Training institute for teachers, counselors and youth-care workers. (97)
Vransko: Parent Training institute. (97)
Zalec: Training institute for teachers, counselors and youth-care workers. (98)

Broadcast and Print Media

Kranj: Radio Kranj, interview with Ivka Sodnik. (96)
KrmeljNas Glas, interview with Pavel Perc. (97)
Koper: Radio Koper/Capodistra, interview with Natasa Ugrin-Tomasic. (96)
LjubljajaChild & Family Magazine (Otrok in Druzina), interview with Marjeta Novak. (95)
LjubljajaDelo (National Daily Newspaper), interview with Zala Volcic (96); interview with Vedrana Grisogono-Nemes. (97)
LjubljajaMama (Magazine for parents of young children), interview with Andreja Potokar. (98)
LjubljajaMlandina (Magazine for youth), interview with Bernard Nezmah. (98)
LjubljajaOno, interview with Borut Petrovic Jesenovec. (00)
Ljubljana: Radio Ljubljana, “VAL 202,” interview Marjeta Novak. (95)
Ljubljana: Radio Slovenia, interview with Julka Vahen. (98)
LjubljajaViva magazine, interview with Irma Meznadic. (98)
ZalecVecer, interview with Jasna Snezic. (98)

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