Beginning Teacher's Survival GuideWin-Win Strategies for Success

by Dr. Jane Bluestein

At the start or your career or at the end of your rope…

Get your teaching career off to a winning start—or recharge your passion for your work! The new & revised edition of Dr. Jane Bluestein’s pivotal guide for your teaching career! A great gift for new graduates, beginning teachers, returning teachers—or anyone who needs a shot in the arm after (or during) a challenging year! 

Becoming a successful teacher in today’s fast-changing world can be a daunting challenge. Dr. Jane Bluestein addresses a wide range of issues new teachers face.

Here is a clearly marked roadmap for approaching your new career. This book affirms the satisfaction and benefits available in this profession, and offers an honest picture of the challenges and difficulties you are likely to encounter—with a variety of ways to avoid these pitfalls and help you hang onto your intentions, enthusiasm, and commitment.

This book offers practical information and survival strategies help you:

  • Establish your professional identity, effectively managing the demands and expectations of the job
  • Avoid win-lose power struggles and prevent negative student behavior
  • Adopt effective strategies for connecting with students, building community, and creating a win-win classroom
  • Work successfully with students’ diverse skills, experiences, and ways of learning
  • Increase achievement, time on task, and student self-management
  • Understand the culture, environment, and politics of today’s schools
  • Build your support team with mentors, administrators, colleagues, and parents
  • Take care of yourself, refine your teaching skills, and grow your career

With comments and tips from dozens of professionals who have been where you are, The Beginning Teacher’s Survival Guide will help you become a welcome, established, and essential member of a school community—without sacrificing your personality, intentions, or ideals.

The book includes handy charts, self-assessment surveys, planning pages, and activity sheets. For all grade levels and for anyone working in a school setting, this book is also a great resource for:

  • College professors and seminar or study group leaders.
  • People entering the field of education today, whether straight out of college as a first career, or mid-career switchers coming to education later in life
  • Individuals working as a lead teacher, support provider, or mentor for newcomers to the classroom.
  • Veteran teachers who are struggling with the demands of the job—or just having a tough year.

This book is a wonderful gift for student teachers and recent graduates. Appropriate for all grade levels.

“If youre thinking about choosing teaching as a career, read this book. The Beginning Teachers Survival Guide will give you the courage to lead, the power to innovate, and the perspective to find joy and success in this satisfying, sometimes frustrating, always honorable career. This book is a keeper—a resource youll refer to year after year.”
Leanna Landsmann, Educator and Author

Going from being a student to being a teacher is a huge transition, and Bluesteins information helps bridge this gap. This book gives a novice educator every tool to help develop a successful career and a professional identity. It should be in the hands of every educator.”
Suzanne Goodison, School Principal

A great companion book to The Win-Win Classroom

6″ x 9″, 409 pages. $13.99 paperback, $9.99 Kindle (free with Kindle Unlimited). For bulk discount on paperback copies for your class or school, please contact us.

Note: This book was originally published as Becoming a Win-Win Teacher, which is now out of print. The original edition was in a larger format (8 1/2” x 11”, 288 pages). Original book was $42.95. 

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