Media Resume: Print, Broadcast, and Internet Interviews

Interviews featuring Dr. Bluestein

This page is part of an extensive press kit and includes a list of interviews Dr. Bluestein has done for television, radio, Internet, print, and broadcast media (National, International, Regional, and Internet. A list of programs is available as well as one for programs listed state by state.

International Print and Broadcast Media


  • ABC Radio, interview with Chris Uhlmann, Canberra, ACT (99)
  • The Canberra Times, interview with Emma MacDonald, Canberra, ACT (99)
  • Prime Television, “Prime Local News,” interview with Catherine Garrett, Canberra (99)


  • AM940, Corus Radio Network, “Parent Talk with Lianne & Andrea.” (07)
  • CBC Radio, interview with Gail Whiteside, Iqaluit, NT (94).
  • CFPL-AM Radio, “The Brian Nuttal Show,” London, ON (97)
  • Channel 10 News (TV), interview with Stewart Gagan, Sudbury, ON (05).
  • CHED Radio, interview with Leslie Primo, Edmonton, AB (96)
  • CIQC Radio, “Lifestyles with Sylvia and Brian,” Montreal (97)
  • CJOB Radio, “CJOB Morning Show,” interview with Larry Updike. (08).
  • CKBW Radio, interview with Tom Johnson, Bridgewater, NS (95)
  • CKCI Radio, interview with Sherv Shragge, Parkesville, BC (96, 96, 97)
  • CKDR Radio, interview with Mike Ebberling, Dryden, ON. (05)
  • CKLW Radio, “The Cam and Lisa Show,” Windsor, ON (94).
  • MCTV News, interview with Sacha Novack, Sudbury, ON (05).


  • London Times, interview with Sara Lawrence. (04)


  • AFN-Radio Frankfort, interview with Steven Smith; “Gasthaus.” 
  • AFN-TV, interview with Airman Sheila Johnson (88).
  • Stars & Stripes, interview with Wendy Bourland, Dahrmstadt, West Germany. (88)


  • Gendai Educational Newspaper, interview with Takako Takahashi, Tokyo (98; 99).

New Zealand

  • Prime Television, “Prime Living,” interview with Alice Worsley, Auckland (99).


  • Delo (National Daily Newspaper), interview with Zala Volcic, Ljubljana (96).
  • Delo (National Daily Newspaper), int. with Vedrana Grisogono-Nemes, Ljubljana, (98).
  • Child & Family Magazine (Otrok in Druzina), int. with Marjeta Novak, Ljubljana (95).
  • Mama (Magazine for parents of young children), int. with Andreja Potokar, Ljubljana (98).
  • Mladina (Magazine for youth), interview with Bernard Nezmah, Ljubljana (98).
  • Nas Glas, interview with Pavel Perc, Krmelj (97).
  • Ono, interview with Borut Petrovic Jesenovec. (00)
  • Radio Ljubljana, “VAL 202,” interview with Mateja Zeleznikar (96).
  • Radio Koper/Capodistra, Interview with Natasa Ugrin-Tomasic (96).
  • Radio Kranj, interview with Ivka Sodnik (96).
  • Radio Slovenia, interview with Julka Vahen (98).
  • Vecer, interview with Jasna Snezic, Zalec, Slovenia. (98)
  • Viva Magazine, interview with Irma Meznadic, Ljubljana (98).

National and Regional Broadcast Media by Program

  • The Ann Masters Show, Talk Radio Network, Central Point, OR. (97, 98, 98)
  • Bam! Radio: Body, Mind, and Child, interview with Rae Pica, “Ending the School Year: Recharging Your Batteries.” (14)
  • Bam! Radio: Body, Mind, and Child, interview with Rae Pica, “Everybody Wants a Piece of Me: Setting Boundaries in a 24/7 World.” (14)
  • Bill Martinez Live, interview with Bill Martinez, “The Perfection Deception.” (15)
  • Business News Network, interview with Barry Minkow, Colorado Springs, CO. (98)
  • Business News Network, interview with Dr. Joseph A. Michelli, Colorado Springs, CO. (98)
  • Business News Network, interview with Greg Lanning, Colorodo Springs, CO. (97)
  • The Business of Wisdom, interview with Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones, Franklin, TN. (15)
  • CAP Podcasts, interview with Carma Spence, “Perfectionism Hurts.” (15)
  • CNN Today, interview with Lou Waters and Natalie Allen, Atlanta, GA. (01)
  • Creative Living, with Sheryl Borden, 3 segments for national PBS distribution, Portales, NM. (88, 95, 00, 08, 18)
  • The Daryl Ankarlo Show, Success Radio, interview with Daryl Ankarlo (96)
  • Dateline Washington, Radio America, “Leslie’s Lifestyle Program,” interview with Leslie Brown, Washington, DC. (97)
  • The David Brenner Show, with David Brenner, Westwood One Radio, New York, NY. (95)
  • The Diner Show (On the Couch), interview with Michael Adamse and Phil Paleologos, New Bedford, MA. (01)
  • The Don & Carla Show, web-based radio interview with Don and Carla DeLong, San Simon, AZ. (01)
  • The Ed Busch Show, national call-in radio talk show, Dallas, TX. (87)
  • Education Talk Radio, Pre-K – 20, interview with Larry Jacobs. (18)
  • Eye to Eye, interview with Lee Seidman, CBS, New York, NY (95)
  • The Good Enough Parenting Show, “Rules and Boundaries,” interview with Margit Crane and Barbara Dab. (14) 
  • The Good Enough Parenting Show, “Why Parents Shouldn’t Want Obedient Kids,” interview with Margit Crane and Barbara Dab. (13) 
  • The Independent Parent: Helping Parents Raise Drug-Free Children, “Parents, Teens & Boundaries,” interview with Jeff Wolfsberg. (07) 
  • The Jenny Jones Show, “Bullies,” “Kids Lying,” Chicago, IL. (99)
  • The Joey Reynolds Show, interview with Joey Reynolds, WOR, New York, NY. (97)
  • The Paul Gonzalez Show, The People’s Radio Network, White Springs, FL. (94, 96, 96, 96, 96, 97)
  • The People’s Radio Network, interview with Chuck Harder, White Springs, FL. (95)
  • Probing America, TalkAmerica Radio Network, interview with Lance and Mel Richardson,Idaho Falls, ID (95).
  • The Michael Dresser Show, interview with Michael Dresser on The Perfection Deception. (15)
  • Morning Edition, NPR, interview with April Baer, WCPN, Cleveland, OH. (02)
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show, “Frustrated Full-Time Mothers,” “Teens in Love,” WLS-TV, Chicago, IL. (89, 88) 
  • The Parent’s Journal, with Bobbi Conner, National Public Radio, Cincinnati, OH. (89, 90)
  • The Parent’s Journal, with Bobbi Conner, National Public Radio, Cincinnati, OH. (94)
  • The Prevention In Schools Show, interview with Jeff Wolfsberg, “Creating Emotionally Safe Schools.” (07)
  • Radio MD, interview with Melanie Cole, The Perfection Deception. (15)
  • Radio MD, interview with Dr. Susanne Bennett, The Perfection Deception. (15) 
  • Senior Focus with Dale and Carol, TalkAmerica Radio Network, Groton, CT. (97)
  • Soundworks, interview with Leslie Myers, Chelan, WA. (97)
  • Talk America, interview with Mark and Gayle Van Wagoner, Salt Lake City, UT. (98; 98; 98; 98)
  • TalkNews Television, “Voices Against Violence,” with Ernie Anastos, New York, NY. (95)
  • The Vicki! Show, “Teen Issues Program,” NBC, Los Angeles, CA. (94)
  • Vincent & Co., People’s Radio Network, interview with Joel Vincent, White Springs, FL. (96)
  • Voice of America, interview with Susan Yackee, Washington, DC. (15)

Web Chats, Print, Blogs, and Internet Interviews

  • &Baby Magazine, interview with Holly St. Lifer. (01)
  • 6 Seconds Web site, interview with Kate Bedford. (02)
  • A+ Advice for Parents, interviews with Leanna Landsmann. (13, 14, 16)
  • Albuquerque Journal, interview with Susan Stiger, Albuquerque, NM. (91)
  • Albuquerque Tribune, interview with Judy Ewald, Albuquerque, NM. (85)
  • Asbury Park Press, interview with Andria Y. Carter, Toms River, NJ. (91)
  • Associated Press, interview with Martha Irvine. (01)
  • Big Horn County News, interview with Dalra Conaway, Hardin, MT. (94)
  • Caller-Times, interview with David Pickering, Corpus Christi, TX. (89)
  • Camden Courier Post, interview with Judy Winnie, Cherry Hill, NJ. (98)
  • CBS Market Watch, (, interview with Colleen Bazdarich (99)
  • Chadron Record, interview with Wendy Hume Toczek, Chadron, NE. (92)
  • Chicago Sun Times, interview with Jane Gregory, Chicago, IL. (87)
  • Chicago Tribune, interview with Jim Warda, Chicago, IL. (00)
  • The Daily Courier, interview with Chuck Poulsen, Kelowna, BC. (97)
  • The Daily News, interview with Jamie Johnson, Iron Mountain, MI. (92)
  • Daily Sentinel, interview with Rachel Cockrell, Nacogdoches, TX. (95)
  • The Don & Carla Show, web-based interview with Don and Carla DeLong, San Simon, AZ. (01)
  • The Dryden Observer, interview with Warner Bloomfield, editor, Dryden, ON. (05)
  • Education Week, interview with Katie Ash. (07)
  • Enterprise Ledger, interview with Marie Evans, Enterprise, AL. (92)
  • Entrepreneur, interview with Ann C. Logue. (
  • Fort Morgan Times, interview with Joel Kleg, Fort Morgan, CO. (93)
  • Foster’s Sunday Citizen, interview with Michael Schaefer, Dover, NH. (01)
  • Fremont News Messenger, interview with Pat Geller, Fremont, OH. (91)
  • Fresno Bee, interview with Doug Hoagland, Fresno, CA. (94)
  • Good Housekeeping, interview with Wally Conrad. (06)
  • Green Bay Press-Gazette, interview with Gary Dodge, Green Bay, WI. (90)
  • Green Bay News Chronicle, interview with Nina Malmsten, Green Bay, WI. (90)
  • Hartford Courant, interview about bullying and school violence with Grace Merritt, Hartford, CT. (10)
  • Houston Chronicle, interview with Gina Seay, Houston, TX. (89)
  • Jewish Family Life, (, interview with Hillary Kessler-Godin, New York, NY. (99)
  • Jezebel, interview with Anna North on attending your high school reunion. (11)
  • The Kenmare News, interview with Caroline Downs, Kenmare, ND. (06)
  • Las Vegas Review Journal, interview with Pat Morgan, Las Vegas, NV. (86)
  • Las Vegas Sun, interview with Julie Penn, Las Vegas, NV. (86)
  • Laptop Magazine, interview with Peter M. Ferenczi, Contributing Editor, on electronic tracking devices 
  • and kids. (07)
  • Los Alamos Monitor, interview with Karen Brant, Los Alamos, NM. (98)
  • Massage magazine, “5 Ways Massage Can Help You Overcome Perfectionism.” (16) 
  • Nashville Tennessean, interview with Cletus Sickler, Nashville, TN. (89)
  • New Orleans Picayune, interview with James Perry, New Orleans, LA. (85)
  • New York Post, interview with Gersh Kuntzmen, New York, NY. (194)
  • North County News, “Today’s Local News,” interview with Darcy Richardson (06)
  • Oakland Tribune, interview with Barbara Newhall, Oakland, CA. (87)
  • Orange County Register, interview with Pam Marin, Orange County, CA. (86)
  • Oregonian, interview with Jackie Scott, Portland, OR. (89)
  • Palm Beach Post & Times, interview with Barbara Somerville, West Palm Beach, FL. (86)
  • Parents Magazine, interview with Carolyn Jabs. (97)
  • Parents Magazine, interview with Holly St. Lifer. (01)
  • Philadelphia Daily News, interview with Theresa Conroy, Philadelphia, PA (95)
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette, interview with Sally Kalson, Pittsburgh, PA. (86)
  • Pittsburgh Press, interview and book review by Sylvia Sachs, Pittsburgh, PA. (86)
  • PopSugar blog, syndicated article: “Tired of Nagging Your Kids?” (18)
  • Racine Journal Times, article by Michael Burke, Racine, WI. (93)
  • Raleigh News & Observer, interview with Holly Selby, Raleigh, NC. (88)
  • Reader’s Digest, interview with Cynthia Dermody. (07)
  • Real Simple, interview with Betsy Rubiner on attending your high school reunion. (17)
  • Redbook, interview with Courtney Fries. (16)
  • Review-Appeal, interview with Jim Laise, Franklin, TN. (89)
  • Sage Magazine, Albuquerque Tribune, interview with Jean Randles, Albuquerque, NM. (194)
  • Salt Lake City Tribune, interview with T.R. Dowell, Salt Lake City, UT. (85)
  • Sandy Post, interview with Scott Newton, Sandy, OR. (89)
  • San Jose Mercury News, interview with Deborah Anderluh, San Jose, CA. (90)
  • San Francisco Chronicle, interview with Janine DeFao, San Francisco, CA. (06)
  • San Francisco Chronicle, interview with David Sylvester, San Francisco, CA. (90)
  • The Society Diaries, “Perfection’s Deception,” interview with Jonathan Spindel. (15)
  • Southern Maryland Newspapers, interview with Ian Blyth, Waldorf, MD. (06)
  • State Journal-Register, interview with Ann Londrigan, Springfield, IL. (97)
  • Student Assistance Journal, interview with Susan Hipsley, Troy, MI. (95)
  • Sudbury News Now, interview with Janice Levschen, Sudbury, ON. (05)
  • Sun Herald, interview with Mary Kay Dirickson, Biloxi, MS. (01)
  • TappedIn,Web Chat with online community of educational professionals. (09)
  • Times Herald-Record, report by Jessica Gardner, Port Jervis, NY. (02)
  • Today’s Local News, North County News, interview with Darcy Richardson, San Marcos, CA. (06)
  • Topeka Capital-Journal, interview with Lisa Sodders, Topeka, KS. (90)
  • Victoria Advocate, interview with Scott Reese Willey, Victoria, TX. (92)
  • Virginian-Pilot, The Beacon, interview with heidi Greene, Virginia Beach, VA. (02)
  • Walden University, interview with Heidi Kurpiela for online university publication. (09)
  • Wall Street Journal, interview with Jeff Zaslow, New York, NY. (04)
  • WebMD, web chat with Mary Killelea. (199; 00)
  • Women’s World (B’nai Brith Women), interview with Marcela Cogan, Washington, DC. (93)
  • Women’s World Magazine, interview with Nuna Alberts. (99)
  • Women’s World Magazine, interview with Deborah Bebb. (94)
  • Working Mother Magazine, interview with Caroline Howard. (04)
  • York Daily Record, interview with Kaitlin Kerfin, York, PA. (15)
  • York Dispatch, interview with Kathy Stevens, York, PA. (98)

Dr. Bluestein’s full press kit is available on this site. Check out a more detailed breakdown of Dr. Bluestein’s presentations, media appearances, and print and Internet interviews.


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