Inventory clearance

We are in the process of closing down our store and are offering a number of products for ONLY the cost of shipping them to you. Since launching this page, we have given away several hundred books. If a title is marked with **, we still have a good bit of inventory. Other books are down to a very limited quantity.

Please use the contact form to list the free items and quantity you wish to receive. We will follow up with a link to cover the cost of getting the items to you. 

OR, you can order these resources through the website. All prices on otherwise free books have been reduced to cover our shipping costs. Note: This is probably the most cost-effective way to order single copies of these resources. For larger quantities, please use the contact form or call instead.

Items available for the cost of shipping

The following items are included in this offer. We’ve provided a shorthand code for each book so you don’t have to write them all out. Please include quantities for each book. (Don’t be shy!) We will ship ONE copy of any item listed if no quantity is specified.) 

**Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity: A Journal of Gratitude and Awareness (ask for “Magic”)

**The Parent’s Little Book of Lists: Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Parenting (ask for “Lists”)

**Being a Successful Teacher (ask for “Successful”)

Mentors, Masters and Mrs. MacGregor: Stories of Teachers Making a Difference (ask for “Mentors”)

Rx: Handwriting, print version (ask for “Rx”) 

ParentTapesaudio files on 2 CDs (ask for “CD”)

To order:

    1. Please ask for what you want through our contact page*, clearly listing the titles from the above list and quantities you want for each, or call 505-250-3965 to order.
    2. Respond to a subsequent email with a link to cover the shipping charge.

OR: Items can also be purchased from our site through the links above. The items for sale on the site have been priced to cover our shipping charges. 

Once we receive payment for the shipping, the books will be packed and shipped via the lowest possible rate available unless otherwise requested. Shipping is included on books ordered through the site and will be sent out within 48 hours of receipt of your order. 

Please note that we can not offer refunds or returns, so if you want to insure your items, please let us know. There is no limit on quantities requested as long as supplies last, so don’t be shy.

Note: Books are heavy and freight has gone up again as of January 2019, but we will absorb all other costs, including packing, packaging materials, and transportation to the post office, UPS, or FedEx, depending on which works best for the size of the order. We will ship internationally, although those charges can be a quite high.  

Oh, and if anyone happens to be in Albuquerque and wants books, please call or text 505-250-3965 to arrange to drop by and pick up what you want. 

Of course, donations are always welcome and will continue to add new content to the site, and keep the site maintained, ad free, and online. 

As we zero out certain titles (if not before), I will be adding links from the site to purchase items on Amazon. Meanwhile, please help us clear out our stock! It’s time for us to move on.

Products Page: Products available for purchase through this site.


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