Inventory: all cleared out!

I spent the past three years selling off books and inventory at below break-even costs and ultimately giving away as much stock as I could. By the end of 2021, my friend and podcast contributor, Julie Rombach-Kendall, came over with her husband to take the last dozen or so boxes of books out of my garage to donate through her schools and church. 

Over the past few years, as my publishers downsized and my former editorial teams retired or relocated, all but a few of my books were pulled out of print. I was happy to get the rights back to this material and continue to work with my “ePub guy” to get some of the titles up on Amazon

This process has been extremely slow and I am still hoping to get a number of my books up online. Covid forced this friend into a full-time job so I guess they’ll get done when they get done. 

All products that are still available, either through Amazon or directly through the publishers, are listed on the site on our Products Page. As always, if you have a question about a specific product, contact me.

Products Page: Products available for purchase through this site.


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