What Jane’s Been Up To: 2017

September 7, 2017

Time going way too fastSlowing down time. (Yeah, right!)

It’s September 7 and I just sent out my first newsletter in 8 months. I also just realized that the last time I updated my home page was in February, and I didn’t even have a post created for what I’ve been up to this year.

How does this keep happening? 

November 13, 2017

OK, so now it’s more than two months later and you can see how far I got. Not good.

I don’t need to go into details about the ways in which I kept getting bogged down or the reasons I have so little to show for the first ten and a half months of this year. I’m just happy to say that I’m feeling better—mentally and physically—than I have in a while, and at the moment, have some time, space, and energy to catch up with the projects (and people) I’ve had on hold for way too long.

I’ve spent some time prioritizing things I’ve left hanging, in some cases for years. And there have been a lot of changes that have affected the business and my work, and will continue to do so. I thought I’d share an update on at least a few of them.

Clearing and organizing

Yeah, let’s start with the exciting one first. I’ve been going through home and office spaces bit by bit since October of 2015. (Yes, really!) About a year ago, I did a major overhaul on my office and studio. I still have two closets and the garage, but the real challenge will be digital!

I have many thousands of photos, documents, and music files and they (and their multiple backups) are a mess. Any wonder I keep putting off going through them all? But yeah, that’s on the priority list.

On the editing floor

One of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with is the transitions that have “disappeared” parts of my career. Books going out of print and videos that are no longer available have been hard enough. But then I’m looking over the photo files from Big Vacations I’ve taken since 2010 that I still haven’t put into those lovely coffee-table books I had been doing to commemorate previous trips.

The company I had been using (My Publisher) shut down this past May. And while there seem to be plenty of other photo book publishers, I have started to wonder just how important it will be for me to put weeks’ worth of work into creating these beautiful albums that I might look at once in a while (but maybe not) and have on hand for however long I’ll be around.

Hitting my mid-60s has me wondering 

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