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License to use materials from Dr. Jane Bluestein’s presentation

Below you will find links to the PDF version of the slides from Dr. Bluestein’s keynote presentations of “Perfectionism: What’s it Costing Our Kids?”  

The links below also offer handout materials referring to the topics Dr. Bluestein explored in her presentation. These materials are offered here for participants from the American School Counselor Association, July 10, 2017, Denver.

Please note that these materials are the sole property of Dr. Jane Bluestein. By clicking the links below to view or download these materials, you agree to the following:

  • You are welcome to use this information in any way that it will be useful to you, your staff, or colleagues, or the parents of your students. You are free to use these materials as a resource in your professional development or a course of study.
  • This material is copyright protected. You are welcome to share anything in this package in any form so long as you attribute its source. It’s very bad karma—and just plain tacky—to remove the copyright notice, alter the material, or use it without attribution to the author! It’s also an illegal violation of copyright protection. Please respect the origins of these materials and the win-win spirit in which they are being shared.
  • You are welcome to quote material from these pages, including in commercial ventures, as long as this material is attributed properly. Please note the author’s name and the original source of the material if the page includes an excerpt notice on the page (the book or resource in which the material originally or currently appears). If you have any questions, please contact our office by email or address snail mail to Instructional Support Services, 1709 Father Sky Ct NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87112 or phone 505-250-3965.
  • This license applies to anyone with whom you share copies of these materials.
  • These materials will remain available on this site until August 31, 2017, unless Dr. Bluestein forgets to remove them, which is entirely possible.

Thank you for your consideration, and for spreading the word.

Download the PDF version of Dr. Bluestein’s handouts and slides here:

Please note that these are fairly large files and may take a minute or two to open or download.

Click here to view slides from the ASCA Presentation or right-click on the link to download a copy to your hard drive (may appear as “Save Linked File” in the contextual menu that appears).

Click here to view handouts from the ASCA Presentation or right-click on the link to download a copy to your hard drive (may appear as “Save Linked File” in the contextual menu that appears.

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