Interviews with new teachers reveal what they want most:

Encouragement: Feedback that builds on their strengths, not just cautions to “do better” or “try harder.”

Fairness: Not being placed in the toughest schools, given the most challenging students, or being the first asked to make last-minute room or grade level changes

Honesty: Discovering that teaching is harder than it looks and that relationships are more important than they ever imagined

Support: Being seen, heard, and helped, and not being ridiculed by other staff for their enthusiasm or idealism

Value and status: More respect from media and the public, plus some of the perks their friends realize starting out in other professions

Discretion and autonomy: Freedom to respond to students’ needs and interests—especially when bound to scripted curriculum

© 2016, Dr. Jane Bluestein

From The Beginning Teacher’s Survival Guide: Win-Win Strategies for Success by Dr. Jane Bluestein (2021). A great gift for someone just starting out in education or coming back to the profession, as well as for anyone having a particularly challenging year. 

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