How to avoid ineffective classroom management practices!

by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Managing 21st Century Classrooms by Dr. Jane BluesteinVery few copies on hand. Order below at 50% off. This price includes free Media Mail shipping in the continental US. (Please see information for international shipping if you are ordering from outside the U.S.)

You know all those behavior management strategies we learned to use? Well guess what! Some of them are actually making things worse!

It’s long past time for our approach to classroom management to catch up to the kids we’re teaching. This easy-to-read book explores common misconceptions about classroom management and how many of our most familiar strategies are actually working against us.

It also offers alternatives to end frustrating and time-consuming power struggles that will change the way you think about power dynamics and what it means to be in charge in a classroom environment. (These strategies will also work at home!)

So if you find yourself being bugged by certain behaviors (or kids) and either aren’t getting anywhere with your current approach— or you are making progress but at a pretty high cost to classroom climate and your stress levels— this book will not only tell you why, but also tell you what to do instead.

Managing 21st Century Classrooms:

* identifies seven of the most prevalent classroom management misconceptions
* discusses the tried-but-not-so-true practices that result from them
* offers positive, research-based alternatives that take into account how students learn today

With a wide range of topics covered in a very compact format, this timely, practical publication also includes a quick-reference chart contrasting ineffective, destructive approaches with effective, proactive strategies. Perfect for novice and veteran teachers alike, all grades. A great gift for student teachers and recent graduates!

Approx. 60 pages. $6.50 (Save 50% off retail price of $12.99)

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Managing 21st Century Classrooms
How to avoid the most common management misconceptions and mistakes— and what to do instead! Positive, effective alternatives that take into account how students learn today. 50% off, includes shipping to US addresses.
Price: $6.50

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