Additions and updates

This is the place to keep track of any major changes or additions to the site since your previous visit. If this is your first time here, welcome.

June 2016, June 2020

New ways to contact me: In the process of updating and simplifying our lives, we have let go of our 800 number and fax machine. We have further simplified our lives by using a single phone number, 505-250-3965, for calls or texts.

My frustration with 1000-1500 spam messages a week—and missing important stuff in the deluge—led to a change in email addresses and how I will get mail through my site. I now have a simple form for contacting me. All invitations to “contact me” or “email our office,” for example, will go to this page. Yay!

Podcast updates

A new podcast on bullying by Stan Davis has been added to the lineup. Also of significance: The resources originally available on PDF documents linked from the podcast pages are being moved directly to the individual posts. The PDFs will be eliminated as no longer necessary.

Verbiage update

When I submitted the manuscript for my last book, I was told that “Web site,” which had been the preferred way to reference where certain material had originated (or where certain links were headed) had been replaced by “website.” Always looking for ways to modernize this website, I will be working on finding and replacing instances where the old-fashioned version appears. *sigh*

September 2015

The Perfection Deception has been out since the end of August and the reviews have been great! I’m enjoying the break from researching and writing, and have spent much of the past few weeks doing interviews and marketing. Very exciting!

In a step toward streamlining what a still-growing business, we have decided to retire our fax machine and our 800 number. Close to 90% of our contacts come from email, texts, or the occasional personal message on Facebook, and nearly all of the faxes and 800 calls have been related to unsolicited ads or fraudulent “traffic pumping” activity. Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways to contact me and all of our products are available online.

May 2015

I’m finally catching up on some of the pages I set up when I first created this version of the site. At the time, they were mainly placeholders for links from completed posts. I recently discovered quite a few posts that had nothing but a title and the words “coming soon.” I am in the process of replacing each instance of that notation and filling in the content for those pages.

You can now find some of my materials in French on this site. I am in the process of converting content from my old site (2008-2012) and will eventually have all 24 posts available. Click here for the list of posts en français.


Most of these two years were focused on writing The Perfection Deception. I continued to add content for parentseducators, and the general public, as well as a few new blogs that were more about what was going on in my head and my life.


Switched from Dreamweaver to constructing this Web site with WordPress. I spent weeks creating the categories for the drop-down menus and coding the pages that would correspond to each. Came up with the design and then started to replace the 800 or so pages from my previous site with new posts and pages here.

In addition to content pages for parents, educators, and the general public, I created posts describing my products (books, audio, video, articles, and stationery items), my presentations, and the podcasts, along with general information about my background and the company I began in the early 1980s.

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