Spectrum Podcast Guest Questionnaire

Pre-Recording Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on Spectrum Podcasts. To help us best describe and promote your interview, please download a copy of the questionnaire in MS Word or copy the questions below to paste your responses into an email. Thank you in advance.

• Name (how you would like to be introduced):

• Position/Title (for introduction):

• Company name:

• Brief Bio (up to roughly 100 words)

• Phone (landline if possible) for recording:

• Information for publication on my Web page (for anyone wanting to contact you):

• Email address:

• Phone number(s) for contacts:

• Facebook:

• Twitter:

• LinkedIn:

• Skype:

• Other:

• Your Website URL:

• Photo

___ JPG attached
___ JPG sent in separate email
___ Other
___ Take JPG from Website: ______________________________
___ Don’t include a photo with my bio

• Availability preferences (days, times; time zone):

• Topic and/or Title for our conversation:

• Any description of points you’d like to cover (or questions you’d like to explore):

• Related/recommended links, resources, excerpts, articles, etc.

• Articles or excerpts you’ve written on this topic that you’d like me to make available with the podcast (please send link or text of the resource you’d like me to include):

Thank you for your interest in Spectrum Podcasts.

© 2013, Dr. Jane Bluestein

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