Sending best wishes for a wonderful new year!

Happy Holidays 2013

As the new year approaches, we’re both in a very good space and looking toward the new year with a sense of optimism, excitement, and anticipation.

In the meantime, here are a few highlights of 2013:

My speaking work picked up a bit from 2012. I got to go back to Singapore for a week’s worth of seminars in June. The air quality was horrendous for much of the time from burning fields in Indonesia, but the educators I met were lovely. I always enjoy the work I do there. Other jobs took me to Canada and various spots around the U.S. and when these opportunities allowed me to connect with special people in my life, I took advantage.

For the first time in a long time, the was no cruise or international vacation, but Jerry and I did manage three road trips and had a blast each time. We took a week off in March to visit Sedona, another week in May to head to Colorado. In September, we flew to Florida to help out with my mom (who had eye surgery and is doing great). We got to see two of Jerry’s siblings and our niece, which was a highlight of the trip for us.

We drove my mom’s car back, stopping for a few days’ R&R on the west coast of Florida. It was the first time Jerry had been there, and the first time I’d had a chance to be a tourist in the area. We both loved the area and the time we spent there. We visited a few friends there and a few more along the road on the way home.

Jerry has thoroughly enjoyed being officially retired. He still handles orders and a few work-related details, but does so in the capacity of “helpful spouse” instead of “business manager.” Retirement for me is a bit of a joke, but my schedule has been flexible enough to allow downtime and playtime as needed, and I’m still really into the work I’m doing so I suspect that this is a lot like what my “retirement” will look like for a while.

With less time on the road, I was able to get some more writing done this year. I recently submitted a short book on classroom management that is currently in production and should be out soon, and am working on having one of my older books converted to an electronic format. 

I spent months researching a book on perfectionism and although the original project didn’t work out, I plan on taking this book in a slightly different direction in the coming year. I have a few exciting dates on my calendar for 2014 and a number of other writing projects that could have me firmly attached to my laptop for the next few years.

We are still thoroughly enjoying living in New Mexico, and as we watch another beautiful sunset and see the city lights coming on, we hope that this holiday season has brought you much happiness and want to wish you all good things in the coming year.


Jane Bluestein and Jerry Tereszkiewic 

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