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Here is a PDF copy of the slides Dr. Bluestein presented at the CSU Northridge inservice on August 3, 2013. Please note that some of the slides included in this download were not presented at the time of the seminar and have been included for additional background information and follow-up.

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Click here to view the PDF version of Dr. Bluestein’s electronic presentation for “Becoming a Win-Win Teacher” or right-click to download a copy to your hard drive.

Links to the audio and video files embedded in this presentation

The following audio and video files were included in the original files and will not display or run on the PDFs above. The corresponding links to the resources used are listed below:

Click here to view Karl Fisch’s presentation, “Did you know…?” (5th slide, not shown, page X)
Click here
to view Sir Ken Robinson’s video (12th slide, on page #5).
Click here to view the video about feedback and motivation with Carol Dweck, Christine Carter, and Kelly Corrigan (Not shown, 43rd slide, page X)

Also recommended (not included in presentation or download):

Click here to read the story of the Animal School by George Reavis
Click here to view the video with Dennis Littky about teaching to students’ passions

Also available:

“Pads” on the Back: Free downloads of 8 different positive messages in 45 languages. Click here for listing. If you would like to order an set of 10 messages (these 8 plus 2 more) as a 5-pack of sticky-notes in 5 different colors, click here for more information or to order.

And don’t forget about the podcasts! Click here for a listing of 2 dozen topics with information you can use in your teaching, parenting, relationships, and life!

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