International Shipping Charge

Thank you for your order. As explained on our International Ordering information page, actual shipping charges (the postage or freight we are charged to ship your order) will be added to your order. The same information applies for expedited shipping in the U.S.

Since your order was for a fixed amount (which does not include the shipping), we have provided this page to accommodate international and rush orders.

A separate button for the shipping charge for your order has been created so we can complete your order. We apologize for your having to fill out the information again. You can pay the difference by Pay Pal or by credit card.

Note: This is a private page for Jim Macdonald. Shipping charge for this order is $40.00. (This is actually LESS than our actual cost to ship the books to you and includes the download for the Handout Book at no charge.)

Please click on the “Add to Cart” button below to pay for the shipping for your order. Afterwards click on the link below or on the word “cart” in the menu bar to check out.

Thank you very much. Your order will be shipped within 24 hours of receiving your payment. Thank you for understanding.

Shipping charge for materials ordered to be shipped to an international address.
Price: $19.95

Click here to view cart and check out.

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