You Belong

Poem by Naomi Drew

Come join in, come join in,
no matter your background or color of skin.
You are of value for all that you are,
your special uniqueness will carry you far.

It’s not about the way you look,
your size, or weight, or height.
What matters most is what’s inside,
the things that aren’t in sight.

It’s not about the clothes you wear
or place that you may live.
Your character defines you–
and the kindness that you give.

This world that we inhabit
could never be the same
without your special qualities,
your presence, and your name.

Take these words with you every day,
and treasure your own worth.
This planet changed in wondrous ways
the moment of your birth.

You are part of everything –
to life’s great promise you belong.
Rejoice in who you truly are,
stand up, join in, and sing your song!

From No Kidding About Bullying, by Naomi Drew M.A., © 2010, Free Spirit Publishing inc. Minneapolis, MN. This page may be reproduced for individual, classroom, and small group work only. For other uses contact

Naomi Drew is recognized around the world for her work in conflict resolution, peacemaking, and anti-bullying. She is the award-winning author of seven widely-used books, including the critically acclaimed, No Kidding About Bullying

© Naomi Drew

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Appreciating Diversity

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