Why Teach Music? with Julie Rombach-Kendall

The importance and benefits of music education

Spectrum Podcasts audio linkEpisode Summary: Dr. Jane Bluestein and music teacher Julie Rombach-Kendall explore the connections between music and other areas of the curriculum, as well as the ability to build student engagement and academic achievement through the use of music. In addition, they discuss the potential for music and music education to build a sense of community, develop personal and interpersonal skills, and dramatically improve student behavior.

Finally, they touch on the therapeutic potential of music and its impact on brain functioning. Ideas and advocacy for anyone living or working with young people of any age. Right-click on this link to download a copy of this mp3 file to your hard drive, or click on the bar below to listen.


Program Notes: Click here for a PDF handout with information and a list of resources related to this topic.

Spectrum Podcasts with Julie Rombach-KendallJulie Rombach-Kendall

Music teacher, Albuquerque Public Schools
Email: julier_k@juno.com
505-298-5631; 505-362-0875

Julie Rombach-Kendall has taught music for more than 25 years to people of all ages, from infants to seniors. She holds a Bachelor of Music degrees in Voice Performance and Music Education from the University of Michigan and a Master of Music in Voice Performance from the University of New Mexico. In addition to teaching music, Julie has sung professionally with Santa Fe Opera in their traveling Mosaics program. She enjoys free-lancing as a soprano soloist when the opportunities arise.

Julie is an Fine Arts Elementary Music Teacher with the Albuquerque Public Schools. Her passion is teaching people how to freely express themselves through singing. She believes teaching music is about feeding the soul by learning how to express oneself through music.

This program was recorded on March 15, 2012. The content is also available on the Energize Students Web site.

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