Testimonials about Dr. Jane Bluestein’s presentations:

Here are some of the comments from special education teachers who have participated in Dr. Bluestein’s presentations and seminars:

Thank you so much, Dr. Jane Bluestein. You have reassured me that we can never give up on any child. I’m sure I will make a difference in my students’ lives by increasing positivity and building on their strengths. Your seminar is so helpful. Just excellent.
—ELD High School Teacher, Paramount, CA

Excellent strategies to take back to the classroom! What a great storyteller!
—Special Ed Middle School Teaching Assistant, Shamong, NJ

I could listen to her for hours!
—Special Ed High School Teacher, Galloway Township, NJ

Fabulous! Practical and worthwhile information. One of the best workshops I even attended—and I’ve been teaching a long time!! A lot of suggestions I can relate to and use.
—Resource teacher, Waterford, NJ

I deal with challenging students every period of every day… This seminar has given me a renewed sense of being able to make a positive difference in the lives of these precious people.
—High School English Teacher, Cathedral City, CA

She was one of the best speakers I had ever seen and heard!
—Special Ed Teacher, Greenwich, CT

Excellent seminar! The instructor gave numerous examples of how teachers can apply the content taught to real-life situation. Very helpful!
—High School Special Ed Teacher, Marlton, NJ

I can’t wait to get to school tomorrow and try these ideas out! I’m so glad she gave me the “power” to stop being a disciplinarian and start being a caring teacher who will earn respect and not demand it from my students.
—Special Ed teacher, Scotch Plains, NJ

Very useful and practical information! This was definitely worth every minute of my time. I recommend this to everyone in teaching.
—Resource Specialist, La Mirada, CA

Inspirational and thought provoking! Thank you for the wake-up call and for making me think “outside the box.”
—Resource Center Instructor, Woodbridge, NJ

This was the most informative and uplifting seminars I have ever attended. Simply phenomenal!
—Special Ed High School Teacher, Colts Neck, NJ

I am a new substitute teacher and I was brought up to believe in an old authoritarian, demeaning form of discipline. Dr. Bluestein presented some concepts which were entirely new to me. This session was truly an eye-opener. If I had had Dr. Bluestein as a teacher, I would have had a wholly different and enjoyable experience at school.
—Substitute Special Education Teacher, New York City, NY

Jane made me feel at ease from the start of the seminar. She opened my eyes to many new ideas.
—Special Ed Junior High School Teacher, Victorville, CA

One of the best workshops I ever attended—and I’ve been teaching a long time!!
—Resource Specialist, Elementary, Waterford, NJ

I’m so glad she gave me the “power” to stop being a disciplinarian and start being a caring teacher who will earn respect, not demand it from my students. I can’t wait to get to school tomorrow to try these ideas out!
—Special Ed Middle School Teacher, Fanwood, NJ

Great presentation! Energetic, informative. I intend to apply all these new ideas in my classroom immediately, and I know the results will be only positive.
—Special Ed Elementary Teacher, Sunland Park, NM

One week later, I am still hearing comments about your presentation. Words like “inspiring,” “passionate,” and “real” frequently appear in these comments. Without a doubt, you have touched the hearts of a diverse group of professionals, certainly the mark of a master speaker.
—Director of Special Education, Goshen, NY

All my life I went to school without one word of encouragement from my teachers. I never heard praise or a thank-you or you’re OK. I became a Special Ed teacher to give what I never received and all you have said is true. Thanks for such a positive day.
—Special Ed Middle School Teacher, Santa Teresa, NM

Dr. Bluestein provided fantastic, useful strategies in a humorous, energetic manner. This is one of the few conferences that truly was a great experience.
—Middle School Special Ed Teacher, Levittown, NY

The feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. You are a very dynamic speaker and your classroom strategies are so useful for all disciplines working with our student population.
—Special Education Conference Coordinator, Goshen, NY

Excellent! Fantastic! Jane hit me right where I live. So many of her anecdotes brought tears to my eyes. I feel energized to go back to my classroom and try again.
—Special Ed Middle School Teacher, Amsterdam, NY

Loved her! What a compassionate lady. She simply radiated all day with her sense of humor and expertise! This was an extremely productive day for me.
—High School Special Ed Teacher, Vernon, NY

Since your outstanding talk last March, I have already received requests as to when you might return. You really made this a real “win-win” situation for all of us. Thank you. You were great!
—Major Richard Reznik, Medical Services Corps, Exceptional Parents of Kaiserslautern

Thank you for helping make our Spring Conference most beneficial. There were nothing but compliments on the evaluations…
—Title I Conference Coordinator, Wausau, WI

Extremely informative. It made me rethink some of the positive consequences to use with my students.
—Special Ed Teacher, Paris, IL

Jane Bluestein was an absolute pleasure to have present the material that she shows so much passion for. I would recommend this seminar to anyone in the educational field.
—Special Ed Teacher, Ocean, NJ

Inspiration and thought provoking! Thank you for the wake-up call, and for making me think outside the box. Very excited to try ideas with my students.
—Resource Center Specialist, Woodbridge, NJ

I was inspired today to keep working toward becoming the best teacher and parent I can be. Thank you for your wisdom, passion and sincerity!
—Remedial Middle School Math Teacher, Dryden, NY

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