Testimonials about Dr. Jane Bluestein’s presentations:

Here are some of the comments from middle school educators who have participated in Dr. Bluestein’s presentations and seminars:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has been such a difficult and frustrating year. Your seminar has given me the enormous boost I needed and reminded me why I’m teaching! I will take what I’ve heard back to my fellow teachers.
—8th grade Social Studies Teacher, Quicksburg, VA

Excellent strategies to take back to the classroom! What a great storyteller!
—Special Ed Middle School Teaching Assistant, Shamong, NJ

I came to this seminar with hopes of strengthening my relationship with 2 or 3 “tough” kids. What I didn’t realize, I am walking away with knowledge that will benefit ALL of my students, my team, and me.
—Middle School Language Arts Teacher, St. Albans, VT

Dr. Jane Bluestein is a gift to teachers and their students!
—Middle School P.E. Teacher, Lancaster, NY

Jane’s interjection of humor—especially when applied to the difficult situations involved in teaching—allowed me to step back, smile, laugh and look at situation in a more positive and optimistic manner. Strategies were logical and easy to try—nothing too complicated, but with positive results to look forward to. Jane’s energy, wit and expertise is infectious. Jane left me with renewed exhilaration and hope. Well done!
—Middle School Teacher, Newton, NJ

I completely enjoyed this seminar. I know that I’ll be able to take these strategies back to my room and use them immediately. Thank you!
—6th grade teacher, Waterford, NJ

Thank God! I have some real-life strategies to use when I go in to school on Monday! And I laughed today. A lot—deep belly laughs! Boy did my district get its money’s worth!
—Middle School Language Arts Teacher, Brandon, VT

Very good seminar—a voice that needs to be heard by the decision-makers of our country.
—Middle School Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

This was truly one of the absolutely best workshops I’ve ever been to. I came away with strategies I can start to use immediately—and the presenter was fabulous!
—Teacher, West Orange, NJ

Jane has a wonderful sense of humor. Her style of presentation is captivating. She makes you want to listen to every word.
—Intermediate teacher, Burbank, CA

I’ve started implementing some of the simple, practical ideas you suggested and already see a big difference.
—Middle School LD/BD Teacher, Chicago, IL

Jane made me feel at ease from the start of the seminar. She opened my eyes to many new ideas.
—Special Ed Junior High School Teacher, Victorville, CA

This is the best seminar by far that I have been to. [Dr.] Bluestein had a way of keeing you motivated through the entire day. Excellent!
—Middle School Para Educator, Hyde Park, VT

I am a first-year teacher. I found the information to be invaluable.
—Middle School Teacher, Ocean, NJ

Refreshing to hear from someone who has been where I am now.
—Grs. 5 – 8 Writing and Math Teacher, Hinesburg, VT

My whole school must attend this seminar. Now!
—Middle School Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

We need this more than anything else in our professional growth, because everything else grows from it.
—Teacher, Colton, NY

This was truly one of the absolutely best workshops I’ve ever been to. I came away with strategies I can start to use immediately. And the presenter was fabulous!
—Elementary Teacher, West Orange, NJ

Very motivating. Great ideas that I want to try in my classroom. I loved her positive attitude and ideas.
—3/4 Teacher, Santa Ana, CA

Dr. Bluestein provided fantastic, useful strategies in a humorous, energetic manner. This is one of the few conferences that truly was a great experience.
—Middle School Special Ed Teacher, Levittown, NY

Thank you for your encouragement to continue to see the goodness in all people.
—Middle School History Teacher, Erie, PA

I’m so glad she gave me the “power” to stop being a disciplinarian and start being a caring teacher who will earn respect, not demand it from my students. I can’t wait to get to school tomorrow to try these ideas out!
—Special Ed Middle School Teacher, Fanwood, NJ

Thank God I found you to support and enforce my style of teaching… I also learned more tricks to be a better teacher.
—8th Grade Teacher, Piñon, AZ

Great use of personal experiences, observations, humor and heart-felt recounts.
—Middle School Teacher, Sierra Vista, AZ

All my life I went to school without one word of encouragement from my teachers. I never heard praise or a thank-you or you’re OK. I became a Special Ed teacher to give what I never received and all you have said is true. Thanks for such a positive day.
—Special Ed Middle School Teacher, Santa Teresa, NM

Excellent! Fantastic! Jane hit me right where I live. So many of her anecdotes brought tears to my eyes. I feel energized to go back to my classroom and try again.
—Special Ed Middle School Teacher, Amsterdam, NY

Not only practical, but inspiring—even moving. I caught myself with tears in my eyes throughout the presentation. Thank you!
—Middle School Teacher, San Bernardino, CA

No matter how long you have been teaching, her ideas are a breath of fresh air.
—Middle School Teacher, Peoria, IL

This was by far the BEST seminar I’ve attended (and I’ve attended many). The strategies for helping students were excellent. The presentation was clear, humorous and most intelligent! The presenter was warm and had a heart—most important.
—Spanish, Alternative Middle School Teacher, Ravena, NY

Excellent. Excellent. Excellent! This is the best seminar that I have ever attended! I will recommend this seminar to my district.
—Middle School Art Teacher, Warwick, NY

This is the first seminar I have attended on teaching. I am a first year teacher. I found the information to be invaluable. Thank you!
—Middle School Teacher, Ocean, NJ

Thanks to your presentation six weeks ago, this is the first year I’ve enjoyed teaching.
—Middle School Teacher, Ramah, New Mexico

Your stories and information were incredibly inspirational and so well presented. I can’t wait to return to my classroom and put your ideas to work.
—Middle School English Teacher, Ravena, NY

Until today, I never realized how so many of the attitudes shown toward me as a child and young adult are currently affecting my teaching. As a first year teacher, I hope to make a difference, and will start by taking into consideration everything said here today. Thanks so much.
—Teacher, Office of Catholic Education, Chicago, IL

I am taking a graduate class at the University… I fully expected to write one of my required papers for this class during the presentation. Not to be— the energy level and the knowledge I gained from Jane during the day was wonderful. Guess what— I’ll have to write my paper later! Thanks, Jane.
—Junior High School Teacher, Georgetown, IL

Dr. Bluestein was an excellent speaker. She provided very practical ideas with realistic examples. She was very thought-provoking… I can’t wait to implement some of her strategies in my classroom.
—7th Grade English Teacher, Scotch Plains, NJ

Jane is an excellent presenter. The information she has given today is just what I need at this point in my career. She validated much of what I believe to be true and gave new strategies from which I can build.
—Middle School Teacher, Meadville, PA

Dr. Bluestein kept my attention for the entire day. I’ve walked away with valuable information and strategies that I can’t wait to try.
—6th Grade Teacher, Buffalo, NY

Wonderful! Inspiring, practical, doable ideas. Content relevant and believable! Enthusiasm was contagious.
—Middle School Teacher, Ravena, NY

I was inspired today to keep working toward becoming the best teacher and parent I can be. Thank you for your wisdom, passion and sincerity!
—Remedial Middle School Math Teacher, Dryden, NY

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