Testimonials about Dr. Jane Bluestein’s presentations:

Here are some of the comments from high school and alternative ed teachers who have participated in Dr. Bluestein’s presentations and seminars:

I came burned out, looking for a way out. Now I am excited about teaching, looking forward to my “new” career.
—High School English Teacher, Roanoke, VA

I could listen to her for hours!
—Special Ed High School Teacher, Galloway Township, NJ

This workshop helped to rekindle my passion for teaching.
—Teacher, Niskayuna, NY

Loved her! What a compassionate lady. She simply radiated all day with her sense of humor and expertise! This was an extremely productive day for me.
—High School Special Ed Teacher, Vernon, NY

You, Dr. Bluestein, may very well have saved a teaching career.
—High School English Teacher, Deep River, CT

I wish each school in each state and town could hear her wonderful, heart-felt words about dealing with all children. This is one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to.
—Consulting Teacher, Elementary, Milton, VT

I’ve been meaning to email you ever since (the) seminar to thank you for once again inspiring me in my teaching. You do a tremendously great job. I felt invigorated and excited to get back to work—so, thank you again. I think the positive, student-orientated message you deliver is so very important. We all respond so much better to affirmative cues and positive reinforcement of behavior. Keep up the good work!
—High School Teacher, Duluth, MN

We need this more than anything else in our professional growth, because everything else grows from it.
—Teacher, Colton, NY

Dr. Bluestein did a great job. She opened and made me aware of so many different strategies, not only for the difficult students, but for all students.
—High School Spanish Teacher, Vineland, NJ

Thank you so much, Dr. Jane Bluestein. You have reassured me that we can never give up on any child. I’m sure I will make a difference in my students’ lives by increasing positivity and building on their strengths. Your seminar is so helpful. Just excellent.
—ELD High School Teacher, Paramount, CA

This came at a good time for me because I was really feeling negative about one of my classes. I’m walking away refreshed with a positive attitude, willing to try some new approaches.
—High School Chem. and Biology Teacher, Monticello, NY

I found the seminar to be very engaging and relevant. I am considering a career change after only two years but I find that I could possibly see myself hanging in there by applying some of these practical ideas. Thank you.
—High School Teacher, Culver City, CA

The practical strategies presented were great! They seemed so easy to incorporate into daily interactions with students. The strategies can be integrated tomorrow—no need to wait until September to win-win!
—High School Math Teacher, Glassboro, NJ

Dr. Bluestein was motivating and informative. Her expertise was evident in her presentation as well as in her ability to answer questions effectively and keep the audience engaged.
—English Teacher, Manahawkin, NJ

Excellent seminar! The instructor gave numerous examples of how teachers can apply the content taught to real-life situation. Very helpful!
—High School Special Ed Teacher, Marlton, NJ

Dr. Bluestein was very realistic. She doesn’t just write the books. She has been there. This was, without a doubt, the best inservice I have ever attended.
—Teacher, South Amboy, NJ

You made me laugh. You made me cry. But more importantly, you made me think!
—High School Art Teacher, Edmonton, AB, Canada

This is the most intelligent workshop I ever attended.
—High School Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

Awesome! Came in tears of frustration, leaving with tears of gratitude. First year teacher at 46 and feeling so defeated. Thank you so much for your very positive, heart-warming message. I have some soul searching and attitude adjustments to make. Your seminar is what is needed at the university level for learning skill development in working with difficult students. You helped me realize what the student is going through. Thanks. God bless.
—High School Teacher, High Prairie, AB, Canada

The selection of Dr. Bluestein as the guest speaker was a wise one.
—Teacher, Wilmington, NC

As a hardened high School Teacher cynic, I can pay Ms. Bluestein my highest educational seminar compliment—I returned after lunch…
—Counselor, 29 Palms, CA

She helped me think about my students’ behavior in a different way.
—High School Teacher, Cypress, CA

Informative and entertaining. You can’t beat that!
—High School Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

This was the most informative and uplifting seminars I have ever attended. Simply phenomenal!
—Special Ed High School Teacher, Colts Neck, NJ

Excellent speaker. I love the way she entertains as she presents. Also, we were given a variety of ways to handle the ever-changing population of students today. She clearly let us pick and choose what would work for us.
—High School Math Teacher, Long Beach, CA

Jane offered amazing techniques to use with difficult students. Her anecdotes were awe inspiring and her ideas were highly motivational. I can’t wait to apply her ideas…
—High School Language Arts Teacher, Tucson, AZ

Very enjoyable. I would recommend this and would certainly attend another seminar with Dr. Bluestein anytime.
—High School Science Teacher, Manalapan, NJ

I am considering a career change after only 2 years, but I find that I could possibly see myself hanging in there by applying some of these practical ideas.
—High School Teacher, Culver City, CA

A most eye-opening, rewarding seminar. I truly enjoyed and have come away with a great deal. Thank you.
—Math Instructional Aide, El Paso, TX

I am teaching 11 years and came away with many valuable tools to help me. Thank you for a day well spent.
—High School Business Teacher, Franklin Square, NY

I’m certain you challenged each participant to take a closer look at how they were doing in all the relationships in their lives. Thank you for touching my life. Everyone should spend a day with you!
—Teacher, Louisville, KY

She made me aware of so many different strategies, not only for the difficult students, but for all students.
—High School Spanish Teacher, Vineland, NJ

This seminar [“Dealing with Difficult Students”] was good for all teachers, including those who have very few discipline problems.
—High School Math Teacher, La Canada, CA

Dr. Bluestein is a wonderful, charismatic speaker who inspires her audiences to create a better classroom community.
—English Teacher, Monticello, NY

She was very informative and compassionate in her delivery of information and research regarding students and how to work with them in a successful manner. This seminar is a must for all teachers… but especially teachers of “included” students.
—High School Teacher, Scranton, PA

Jane Bluestein id an amazing orator and caring individual.
—French Teacher, Montpelier, VT

Her expertise was evident in her presentation, as well as in her ability to answer questions effectively and keep the audience engaged.
—High School English Teacher, Manahawkin, NJ

Dr. Bluestein does a very good job of keeping her audience interested. Lots of tangible, practical ideas to use in my classroom.
—Educator/Viewer, TI-IN Network Televised Program broadcast from San Antonio, TX

Madame, vous êtes une personne extraordinaire, entreteneur, et bon éducateur. Ce que j’admire en vous? Votre charme, sensibilité, votre façon d’attirer l’attention d’enseigner, etc… Surtout, surtout votre humour si grandiose. Merci, mille fois merci.
—High School Teacher, Langley, BC

Very, VERY applicable to our school and our needs. Jane was motivating and made me feel connected.
—Teacher, Bismarck, ND

The strategies can be integrated tomorrow; no need to wait until September!
—High School Math Teacher, Glassboro, NJ

As a second year teacher, I can honestly say that what I heard today is definitely the most helpful information I’ve learned so far about teaching. The examples were situations that I am facing and the solutions are small changes that I know I can realistically strive to make.
—High School Teacher, Atwood, IL

Great ideas! I keep your book right next to my King James Bible at home.
—High School Teacher, Birmingham, AL

I enjoyed this presentation because it’s a way of teaching in a positive manner.
—High School Teacher, Lewiston, ID

Jane Bluestein was an excellent presenter. Invite her back as a keynote speaker and advertise to the public—very worthwhile for parents.
—Teacher, Kelowna, BC

[The] presenter knows her stuff and is passionate about it. Very useful, practical, helpful material. Refreshing and validating.
—High School Teacher, Mendota, IL

Everything was applicable to my situation. It really helped refresh certain strategies that are more effective when dealing with at-risk kids.
—Teacher, Lincoln, NE

Excellent information. I know I can go back and work with different students and staff members, plus lower my own stress levels.
—High School Teacher, Wilmington, CA

This was an awesome pep rally to remind me of the things I still need to improve. It also allowed me to give myself credit for those areas where I’ve made progress and improved.
—High School Special Education English Teacher

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