Testimonials about Dr. Jane Bluestein’s presentations:

Here are some of the comments from early childhood educators who have participated in Dr. Bluestein’s presentations and seminars:

Heartfelt and inspiring! True passion for her subject and for us professionals. There is hope!
—1st Grade teacher, Palmdale, CA

I have never been so inspired to be a better teacher then I have by listening to Jane. She is so down-to-earth, and leads by example. She is incredible, as she has drawn from many experiences to help the teachers—and more importantly, the students.
—Grade 1 teacher, Hay Lakes, AB, Canada

You were without question, the absolute highlight of the [Parent Participation Nursery Schools] Convention. During the past month, not a day has gone by that someone has not come up to e to say how inspired they were by your keynote. Parents and teachers could not get enough of you…
—Conference Coordinator, Northridge, CA

Terrific, useable, practical tools that I can implement right now.
—1st Grade Teacher, Tempe, AZ

Heartfelt and inspiring! True passion for her subject and for us as professionals. There is hope!
—1st Grade Teacher, Palmdale, CA

Coming to this workshop changed my life, my way of thinking and my way of doing things. Thank you.
—1st Grade Teacher, Palmdale, CA

Wow! What a communicator! Real, powerful, solid and so necessary to change what isn’t working. Never stop spreading this information!
—Kindergarten Teacher, Tuxedo, NY

I work in an inner city, low income school and have a lot of discipline problems. I really enjoyed this seminar. It gave me a lot of examples to use in my class.
—1st Grade Teacher, Peoria, IL

Dr. Bluestein is a great instructor. She had my attention the whole time. She has a very down-to-earth way of relating her experiences. A very enjoyable way to spend a summer vacation day!
—Kindergarten Teacher, Spokane, WA

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