Testimonials about Dr. Jane Bluestein’s presentations:

Here are some of the comments from counselors, social workers, therapists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals who have particiapted in Dr. Bluestein’s programs and seminars.

Dr. Bluestein was an extremely well organized, focused instructor. She presented a wide variety of very useable strategies and activities in a friendly, entertaining manner.
—Guidance Counselor, Mantua Twp, NJ

This was an excellent workshop. It was much more than I anticipated. I can’t wait to put the information and strategies I received into practice.
—Counselor, Long Beach, CA

As a hardened high school teacher cynic, I can pay Ms. Bluestein my highest educational seminar compliment—I returned after lunch…
—Counselor, 29 Palms, CA

This seminar was awesome! I learned a great deal about working effectively with difficult students as well as parents. Dr. Bluestein is a great orator who is extremely knowledgeable and willing to share her expertise in a way that is practical and meaningful to educators, administrators, counselors and social workers.
—School Social Worker, Middletown, NY

Energizing, enlightening, inspirational. One of the best conferences I have attended. Dr. Jane is refreshing to listen to and has wonderful insight.
—School Psychologist, Lockport, NY

I think you were great and covered so much in such a short time. Thank you for a great presentation!
—Academic Advisor, Rimrock, AZ

Without a doubt this has been the best, most stimulating and exciting conference I have been to in the last ten years. What a wealth of valuable information!
—School Psychologist, Ripley, NY

Dr. Bluestein was an extremely well-organized, focused instructor. She presented a wide variety of very useable strategies and activities in a friendly, entertaining manner.
—Guidance Counselor, Mantua Township, NJ

Outstanding! She presents deep ideas in a way that are easy to grasp. Jane is so funny, yet all the humor has a point. I really enjoyed this class.
—Counselor, Socorro, New Mexico

Dr. Bluestein’s presentation was the best part of this entire conference.
—School Counselor, National Council for Self Esteem
Los Angeles, CA

Great to hear so many super examples about good boundaries and to hear the message to not yell at kids. I still hear a few screaming teachers in the schools and I cringe. Hopefully I can share your message with them in a non-threatening way.
—Counselor, Kelowna, BC

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