Testimonials about Dr. Bluestein’s presentations:

Here are some of the comments from administrators, staff development coordinators, and conference planners who have worked with Dr. Bluestein:

Very lively, entertaining, motivating! I especially appreciate how you bounced from examples pertaining to primary classes to examples relevant to high school. This session was appropriate for all teachers.
—Mentor Teacher, San Francisco, CA

Great! I feel energized. The Doctor was a great speaker, very positive. It was the lift I needed in my teaching life right now. It hit me right in the heart! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!
—Vice Principal, Saskatoon, SK

Thank you so much for your willingness to work with our educational staff on “Creating Emotionally Safe Schools.” The new insights and strategies you shared will help us make learning easier. Your warmth and energy is contagious. On behalf of our district…
—Staff Development Coordinator, Spotsylvania, VA

Very insightful, caring and intelligent approach to discipline and life!
—Assistant Principal, Pine Bush, NY

I came here wanting to get out of teaching. I left filled with hope and strategies I can’t wait to use. Thank you, Jane.
—Mentor Teacher, San Francisco, CA

The feedback pertaining to your presentation is overwhelmingly positive. Our teachers are still riding a high from this inspirational training session. I have already seen evidence of classroom implementation of many strategies and techniques rooted in [your presentation].
—Director of Curriculum, South Amboy, NJ

I attended your workshop and have been singing your praises ever since. I recently met with my supervisor and was telling her how much I learned from your presentation and how useful the strategies have been. Needless to say she is interested in having you come and do workshop for our staff development next year. Would you please send me information as to how we go about scheduling you? By the way I refer to the resource handbook you gave us all the time and I have finally gotten around to ordering your book…
—Educational Diagnostician, Suffolk, VA

Just a personal note of appreciation for the outstanding job you did at our Conference. I feel I can say that you truly have made a difference in the lives of our administrators, teachers and, eventually, our children.
—Conference Coordinator, Wilmington, NC

We were so fortunate to have you come to our school. We are still discussing your presentation and I know it’ll be a hot topic throughout the year!
— Staff Development Coordinator, Bismarck, ND

Very lively, entertaining, motivating! I especially appreciate how you bounced from examples pertaining to primary classes to examples relevant to high school. This session was appropriate for all teachers.
—Mentor Teacher, San Francisco, CA

I sent two of my most difficult-to-please teachers to your workshop. Not only did they actually stay for the entire day, but they came back excited about what they learned!
—Principal, Chicago, IL

The participants are praising your honesty and warmth, the highly professional and dynamic presentation, your use of illustrative examples and the topic itself. They all expect to meet you again at a follow-up workshop, where they can share the experience of implementing their new knowledge.
—Teacher Training Program Coordinator, Ljubljana, Slovenia

I had a teacher last year that I almost had to let go because of all the problems she was having with her classroom management. I am convinced that your workshop was the turning point that saved her career.
—K-8 Principal, Office of Catholic Education, Chicago, IL

One week later, I am still hearing comments about your presentation. Words like “inspiring,” “passionate,” and “real” frequently appear in these comments. Without a doubt, you have touched the hearts of a diverse group of professionals, certainly the mark of a master speaker.
—Director of Special Education, Goshen, NY

The feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. You are a very dynamic speaker and your classroom strategies are so useful for all disciplines working with our student population.
—Special Education Conference Coordinator, Goshen, NY

Your message validated all that I believe in my work with children. It also spoke to the child in me and my issues regarding self-esteem. Thanks for a lot of good stuff!
—Curricular Specialist, San Luis Obispo, CA

Many thanks for two excellent presentations. Positive and thoughtful responses have come from both parents and teachers as a result. More importantly, a number of people have started to think about their parenting and teaching in different ways. Thank you for your genuineness.
—Principal, Union High School, Union Grove, WI

Thank you for helping make our Spring Conference most beneficial. There were nothing but compliments on the evaluations…
—Title I Conference Coordinator, Wausau, WI

Superb! I’m re-energized!
—Principal, Alexandria, VA

The evaluation comments were all so positive with many requests for a return presentation. Many said it was the best inservice they had ever attended. I find myself quoting you quite often and am sending a copy of the tape (of the program) to my daughter.
—Staff Development Coordinator, Umatilla, OR

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