Helping Students in Crisis videos with Dr. Jane Bluestein

Video presentations on 2 DVDs

featuring Dr. Jane Bluestein

Deal with feelings and problems effectively! These videos present constructive, supportive ways to respond to students in crisis. Discover how to distinguish between feelings and behaviors, and to avoid non-supportive responses which can only add to the problem! Here are practical, effective ides for creating the kind of environment in which students can deal with emotional upsets and resolve conflicts in non-hurtful ways.

Video #1: Helping Students in Crisis, Part One

Recognizing and responding to students who are in crisis.

Video #2: Helping Students in Crisis, Part Two

Helping students without blaming, shaming, criticizing, minimizing, distracting, challenging, denying or rescuing.

Part of the Responsibility, Respect and Relationship series, this package includes 2 DVDs, approx. 30 minutes each, on DVD, $119.95. Please note: This product is now produced exclusively on DVD, the packaging may appear different than in the image above.

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Helping Students in Crisis- DVDs
Deal with feelings and problems effectively with constructive, supportive strategies for dealing with emotional issues and outbursts, encourage problem solving.
Price: $119.95

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