Tips for responding to meanness or bullying

by Naomi Drew

Note from Jane Bluestein: Ms. Drew recommends teaching kids the following strategies. I think this information would also be valuable for adults in a similar situation.

* Stand tall with your head held high, feet apart.

* Take slow deep breaths to keep your cool.

* Act as if you’re totally confident, even if you feel nervous.

* Keep your body language and facial expression strong but neutral.

* Make direct eye contact.

* Speak in a firm, steady tone of voice.

* Walk away tall and strong, silently repeating your calming statement.

Naomi Drew is recognized around the world for her work in conflict resolution, peacemaking, and anti-bullying. She is the award-winning author of seven widely-used books, including the critically acclaimed, No Kidding About Bullying. 

© 2009, Naomi Drew. May be copied for classroom and group use only.

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