Possible interview questions for Dr. Jane Bluestein:

• The original version of this book, Becoming a Win-Win Teacher, was written as your second book in the “win-win” series. Why did you feel you needed a book specifically for beginning teachers?

• How is the 2021 “original reprint” version different from the original 2010 copy?

• You devote an entire chapter to why people leave the profession? Are you trying to scare people off?

• You identify surprise as possibly the biggest factor in teachers leaving the profession. After all their training, why would new teachers be surprised?

• How did you get past the discouragement you encountered—and felt?

• You’ve been an educator since 1973. What’s kept you in the game?

• How have things changed in the five decades that you’ve been in the profession?

• You talk about educators needing to be “smarter than the system.” Can you give a couple of examples of teachers who are doing that?

• Where do you think teachers get the most support?

• You devote a good bit of space to finding an effective mentor. What do new teacher need to look for—or watch out for?

• How can teachers create a win-win classroom in a win-lose system?

• You include parents as part of a teacher’s support team. And yet parents present one of the greatest challenges for new teachers. How do you reconcile these two ideas?

• You have an entire chapter (12) on common win-lose practices new teachers are likely to encounter in schools? What’s wrong with having high expectations, making rules, labeling misbehavior, or sending a kid to the principal’s office?

• The win-win alternatives (to win-lose practices) in chapter 13 include things like asking for what you want, using positive consequences, giving kids choices, offering emotional support, encouraging problem solving, and building community. How are these different and why are they important?

• Why did you include the Paradoxical Commandments in the final chapter, the one on taking care of yourself?

Feel free to ask about any other issues related to teaching or education, or about any of Dr. Bluestein’s resources included on this site.

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