What Dr. Jane Bluestein is working on now

March 24, 2016

Holy cow! I forgot this page was even here!! Well, I’m not going to try to catch up on three and a half years, so let’s focus on what this page is about: What I’m working on at the moment. Projects include:

* Marketing and interviews for promoting The Perfection Deceptionwhich came out at the end of August, 2015.

* Building a new website for the Perfection book.

* Having Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity converted to various eBook formats and creating the files needed for a PDF version of this book.

* Making other projects available as eBooks or paperbacks printed on demand. This will include Parents in a Pressure Cooker in its original text as well as other projects that have been on back burners for years.

* Working on a new book in the “win-win” series. In addition to The Win-Win Classroom and Becoming a Win-Win Teacher, I will be submitting a proposal to create a similar book for school leaders, co-authoring with two individuals currently working in that capacity.

* Adding more posts to this site. I still have about 200 pages from the old site, including recommended links and translations of posts in Spanish and French that have yet to be converted.

* Adding to the podcasts we already have on the site and moving the links for each existing podcast from the PDF directly to the web page. Also making the podcasts available on iTunes.

* Making some small down-shifts in the business, starting with the realization that we no longer need a fax machine or 800 number, much less four phone lines! (We’re down to one landline and my cell phone.)

* Some heavy-duty spring cleaning, going through every drawer and closet and shelf in the house, office, and garage. It’s amazing what can accumulate over 20 years. I see this as a long-term project, but we’ve already taken four carloads of STUFF to donate to our local Animal Humane Thrift Shop and Women’s Shelter.

* This cleaning frenzy extends to electronic files, including organizing data, music, and photos (plus backups), which could take a year by itself

There’s probably more, but I’m getting queasy just looking at what I have so far.

I think this answers the question I’ve been getting: What about retirement? 

I will be 65 in three weeks but retirement is clearly a way off. I want to get the above projects finished, for whatever they will ultimately be worth. Plus, I still love presenting and look forward to opportunities to work with educators, as well as the general public as I’ve started doing presentations on perfectionism in the past few months. (I don’t miss being on the road for weeks at a time, and the back-to-back trainings, often 5 cities in 5 days, even less. But I’m glad to still be in the game and have thoroughly enjoyed the groups with whom I’ve worked lately.)

Perhaps I’ll remember that this page exists and will return in a year or so to update it.

November 29, 2012

After months and months of working on this site, I am getting ready to walk away for a few days while certain code gets updated for the launch and all the files get set up on a new host. I probably won’t be able to touch the site during this time, but when I get back to it, I still have about half of the pages from my old site that have not yet been set up here. These include the Links pages, the “Fun Stuff,” sale items, old Blog posts (2007-2012), and the Forums. In addition, I still have 150 articles or handouts to add, including all the material in French and Spanish.

I’m going to be trouble-shooting any problems that come up when this site launches, and will be adding the above pages— plus new content— a few at a time over the coming year. If there are any topics or issues you would like to see addressed on this site, contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

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