Serbian Cyrillic “Pads” on the Back™ Template

Download the “Pads” on the Back™ Template in Serbian (Cyrillic)

"Pads" on the Back in Serbian- Cyrillicby Dr. Jane Bluestein & Lynn Collins, Ph.D.

These are two of the eight different messages on the PDF. By clicking on the link below you agree to keep the copyright notice on this page and to distribute or share these materials for free.

Click here to download the PDF of the “Pads” on the Back template in Serbian (Cyrillic). Translated by Sandra Pokos.

Best results: Print the PDF that downloads. If an automatic download does not happen, rather than print from the Web page, right-click on the link to save the PDF to your hard drive and then open the PDF (in Acrobat or Preview, for example) and print from there.

A Latin-Alphabet version is also available. Click here to download.

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