Blackline masters for award stickers, buttons, certificates, and ribbons

by Dr. Jane Bluestein, Lynn Collins, Ph.D., and Sherri Holtke, B.A.

Free download: Ten pages with a variety of blackline masters for awards you can create to recognize your students, duplicating them for use again and again. Booster Shots® may be photocopied or scanned, as well as colored, laminated, and mounted. Attach them to your students’ work, slip them into a desk, cubby, or locker, send them home, or simply hand them out. Samples below:

Elementary Booster Shots® includes:

  • Buttons to cut out, color in, distribute, laminate, or mount in a button-making machine. Sayings include “I was a star today,” “Nice job,” “Cooperation Award,” “Handwriting Champ,” “Smart Cookie,” and three others.
  • Ribbons: Three award ribbons to cut out, color in, and laminate if desired for repeated use.
  • Certificates: Five pages with twelve certificates to use as is, laminate, mount on construction paper or poster board. Sayings include “You were part of the team today,” “You were prepared,” “Thanks,” “You are not alone,” “You’re getting it all together,” “Hooray for you,” “Cooperation award,” “Glad you’re aboard,” and more.
  • Rectangular stickers: Three pages of stickers you can duplicate on paper or Avery Sticker sheets (product #5345). Saying include “You add class to this class,” “You were prepared,” “Glad you joined in,” “You solved problem,” “Good job,” and “Great job. Go for an instant replay!”

Booster Shots® are the combined efforts of Dr. Jane Bluestein, Lynn Collins, Ph.D., and Sherri Holtke, BA. All three have extensive training and experience in teaching and are committed to the importance of recognition and encouragement, and believe that there is something positive to be said about just about everything! They recommend acknowledging every student from time to time for effort, cooperation, progress, or improvement.

Booster Shots® make it easy to connect with kids, enourage commitment, build community, and increase positivity in your classroom!

Booster Shots® includes ten pages of blackline masters, each 8 1/2″ x 11″, plus one page of instructions in a PDF download. Recommended for Grades K-5, also approrpirate for middle school. A great gift for elementary teachers and counselors!

No charge for this product. We also have a set of Secondary Booster Shots for the upper grades.

Download this product for free! 

The entire collection of PDFs for Elementary Booster Shots™ are available here for free. Click the link to download.

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