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This is a complete listing of the article reprints available on this site. The articles are listed in alphabetical order and cover a wide range of topics, primarily for parents and educators, with some subjects for a more general audience.

All of the articles were originally written for magazines or newsletters. Each article has been updated and revised since its original publication. All are sold as downloads for $3.00 each. Printed copy of individual articles are no longer available through our store.

Note: Each article is included in The Book of Article Reprintswhich also includes 5 bonus articles in addition to the 20 listed below.

Are Your Colleagues Driving you Crazy?

Establishing positive, productive relationships with other teachers and administrators is an essential ingredient of teacher success. This article tells you how! $3.00 download.

Ask, Don’t Tell

A great alternative to advice giving that helps kids take responsibility for identifying goals and available options and ultimately resolving their own problems. Includes numerous examples to illustrate ways of guiding kids rather than getting in the middle of their conflicts or solving problems for them. $3.00 download.

The Beauty of Losing Control

Effective alternatives to powering and authoritarianism that really inspire commitment, cooperation, and self-control from students. $3.00 download.

Bedtime without a Battle

How several parents solved their bedtime problems. Looks at routines, boundaries, staying in bed, even monsters in the closet. $3.00 download.

Being a Supportive Listener

How to listen, accept and validate children’s feelings and help them solve their own problems without getting in the way! This article offers alternatives to non-supportive responses that can shut down communications. $3.00 download.

Dream Big!

Ways to respect and encourage childrens’ hopes, goals and dreams, and how to avoid adult behaviors that can get in the way. $3.00 download.

Following Through

Making limits work! How to avoid warnings, excuses, giving in, giving up! Effective strategies for use with children of all ages, and adults as well! $3.00 download.

Great Expectations

Good news for beginning teachers! This article tells how to turn your dreams into achievable goals. A great way to start your career! Copy available on this site. $3.00 download.

I’m Calling Your Mother!

How involved should you get in problems that arise between your kids and their teachers? This article, written from an educator’s point of view, helps you set boundaries and support the teacher and child in the process. $3.00 download.

Is Obedience Enough?

Order taker or decision maker? This article tells what’s wrong with obedience and how to teach kids to make positive choices when you’re not there. $3.00 download.

No-Lose Parenting

Minimize power struggles by creating a win-win home environment. Positive alternatives to powering or permissiveness, with practical ideas for asserting parental authority without making kids “lose.” All ages. $3.00 download.

“Not NOW!”

What to do when you want some time to yourself— and your children want YOU! How to take care of yourself without abandoning or neglecting your kids. $3.00 download.

Positively Positive!

Positive comments, outcomes, focus, and attitudes to build commitment. Alternatives to negativity, including a new, effective way to look at consequences! $3.00 download.

Proactivity: Thinking Ahead!

Stop reacting and start avoiding conflict by anticipating and communicating! Positive alternatives to reactivity that build commitment and cooperation with kids of all ages. $3.00 download.

Saying “I Love You”

How to express your loving feelings for your children—without hooks or hangups, and without worrying about how they’re going to respond. $3.00 download.

Secrets of Successful Mentorship

An article by Dr. Bluestein that describes characteristics of effective mentors, to help if you’re looking for a mentor or aspire to be one yourself. With new sidebar and more material added. $3.00 download.

Thank a Teacher

Thoughts and ideas on teacher appreciation, and how acknowledging and validating someone’s contribution helps us, too! $3.00 download.

Unconditional Motivation

Positive ways engage cooperation from your children without resorting to familiar expressions of conditional approval and love. $3.00 download.

What’s Wrong with “I-Messages”?

When you’re having a problem with the kids, here’s how you can respond without making them responsible for your feelings or behaviors. $3.00 download.

Why Ask Why?

Asking kids to defend or explain feelings can interfere with emotional processing and problem solving. Here are arguments against asking why kids feel what they feel, and alternatives that protect emotional safety and development. $3.00 download.

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