Creating Win-Win Options in a Win-Lose World

Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Have you ever noticed that if you go to a restaurant and want a soft-drink, in almost every case you have to decide between Pepsi or Coke products? A silly distinction, but one that reflects the win-lose mentality that suggests in order for one side (or product or desire or idea) to succeed, another has to fail.

This presentation examines what win-win looks like, and why— whether in business, education, or personal relationships— it’s a worthy option between winning or losing (or making someone else lose). Participants will leave with practical examples of language, attitudes, and behaviors to bring the dynamics of win-win thinking to personal and professional relationships in order to build trust, commitment, and cooperation, and to create an environment in which all needs are considered and, when appropriate and possible, accommodated.

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