Building Success and Achievement for ALL Students

Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein

In any school, in any classroom, in any subject area, there will always be at least a few kids who have a hard time keeping up and, often, a few who are bored silly. And now, with all the pressure to get through the curriculum, meet standards, and prepare for assessments, what’s a teacher to do?

This program looks at various differences that are possible in a room full of learners—not just academic, cognitive and experiential differences, but differences in learning styles, intelligences, and temperament as well! And it offers practical strategies for differentiating instruction to engage all students, including those with a history of failure, and those who come to class feeling bored, discouraged, defeated, or just plain lost!

We’ll explore effective, success-oriented techniques for creating a learning environment in which we can encourage growth, accommodate learner needs and preferences, build cooperative goal structures, and set the hurdles at just the right height for even the most diverse set of learners!

Other topics include strategies to accommodate modality strengths and limitations, accommodating kinethetic and tactile learners, focusing on the positive, grouping and pacing, data-collection tools, and strategies to help in planning and management.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify differences in how individuals learn (adults and kids)
  • Learn a variety of strategies and accommodations to meet a wide range of student needs
  • Use various assessments to establish student learning preferences, habits, styles, and interests
  • Establish win-win authority relationships with students to create an environment in which accommodations and differentiation strategies can be implements without creating disruptions
  • Incorporate movement and various brain-friendly exercises to regulate students’ levels of alertness
  • Share information to create buy-in with colleagues, administrators, mentors, and parents
  • Use conditional availability of accommodations as practical, and positive strategies for motivating student cooperation, commitment, and accountability
  • Adopt planning, placement, and pacing strategies to build student success and minimize behavior problems that often emerge when kids believe they cannot be successful in school
  • Improve engagement and time on task by accommodating kids’ cognitive, physiological, and neurological needs
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