Confessions of an Accidental CEO

Presentation by Dr. Jane Bluestein

Learning to market one’s skills, knowledge, and products can be a fascinating adventure, especially if your expertise is in a field other than business and marketing!

Hear the personal experience of a former classroom teacher and volunteer counselor who became an “accidental” business woman and CEO, along with information about the various pitfalls and supports for surviving the transition from a regular paycheck, maintaining a vision, building a network, holding on through dry spells, and enjoying your growth and successes. We’ll also look at marketing strategies, utilizing the internet, hiring help vs. going it alone, and how to build a powerful resume.

If you’ve got a group that is thinking about starting a business—whether exclusively, or as a part-time venture in addition to your security base—this presentation offers inspiration and real-world guidance, with a special emphasis on speaking, consulting, and writing.

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